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Jackie Robinson

By GK42
  • Birth

    Jack Roosevelt Robinson is born near Cairo, Georgia.
  • Negro Leagues established

    The Negro Leagues were established at a Kansas City YMCA by Andrew Foster.
  • Period: to

    First Negro League World Series

    The 10-game series was between the Kansas City Monarchs and Hilldale. Kansas City won the series 5-4 with one tie game.
  • Pearl Harbor Attack

    Jackie Robinson left Hawaii only 2 days before the bombing of Pearl Harbor (Dec. 5) for a game with his football team, the Honolulu Bears.
  • Robinson court martialled

    Robinson was court martialled for arguing with a bus driver and refusing to sit at the back of the bus.
  • Period: to

    Robinson plays in the Negro Leagues

    Jackie Robinson only played in the Negro Leagues for 1 year before signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • Robinson signs with the Royals

    Jackie Robinson signs with the Montreal Royals (A Dodgers farm team).
  • Robinson is married

    Jackie Robinson marries Rachel Isum after the two met in 1941.
  • Negro Leaguers vs. Major Leaguers

    After the 1946 season, a game was organized where the best Negro Leaguers played against the best MLB players.
  • Robinsin's MLB debut

    Jackie Robinson debuted as a Brooklyn Dodger when he was 28 years old.
  • Rookie of the Year

    Jackie Robinson was named the first Rookie of the Year in MLB history. In 1987, the Rookie of the Year Award became known as the Jackie Robinson Award in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of this event.
  • Jackie's response to racism

    Jackie Robinson was separated from his white teammates by a hotel in St. Louis, but Robinson forced the hotel to let them stay in the same area.
  • Jackie's final game

    Jackie Robinson played his final game at age 37 with the Brooklyn Dodgers against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Robinson's only hit was a home run, but he also struck out once. The Dodgers beat the Pirates 8-6 in Jackie's final game.
  • The Springarm Medal

    Jackie Robinson won the Springarm Medal. This award is given to an African-American that was outstanding in their field.
  • Retirement

    Robinson was about to be traded to the New York Giants for $35,000, but the Dodgers didn't know that he had already announced his retirement and had become an executive with the company Chock Full o'Nuts.
  • Hall of Fame Induction

    Robinson was elected into the MLB Hall of Fame in the first ballot. He was voted into the Hall by 77.5% of the voters.
  • Death

    Jackie Robinson died at age 53 in Stanford, Connecticut. Robinson was buried at Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn Kings County, New York. The epitaph on his tombstone was "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."
  • Renaming the Award

    The Rookie of the Year Award was renamed the "Jackie Robinson Award" in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of him first winning the award in 1947.
  • Jersey Retirement

    Robinson's number (#42) was retired from all of MLB. This is the only number that has ever been retired from the whole MLB.
  • First Annual "Jackie Robinson Day"

    Jackie Robinson Day featured tributes before games. In addition, every player in the MLB wears the number 42.
  • 60th Anniversary

    The 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's MLB debut. Over 200 players wore #42 and every member of the Dodgers wore #42.