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Jackie Robinson By: Andy, Beau, Josh, And Luke

By hitter1
  • Jackie was born.

    Jackie Rooselt Robinson was born.
  • His daddy left when Jackie was six months old.

  • the stock market crashed

  • mack went to da olympics

  • Jackie set a new world record for college broad jump

  • Frank fdied in a motorcycle accident

  • Pearl harbor got attack

  • the signing of Jackie was made offical

  • Jackie played his first game in organised base ball

  • the dodgers and the royals have a expidition match.

  • the dogers and the royals played at ebbits field

  • Jackie come back and he was out of shape

  • Jackievwas asked to appear before the house un-american activities committee.

  • Jackie appeared before the committee

  • he helped black kidsa at YMCA

  • Sharon was born

  • Jackie was in the play offs against the giants

  • Jackie was known as the most controversial players ever

  • David was born

  • they had won 13 games

  • Jackie appeared on a show called "youth wants to know"

  • the dodgers were considered one of the best teams

  • Jackie was taken out of the starting lineup

  • Jackie retired from baseball

  • It was the date they helped all black students in alabama

  • jackie was put in to the hall of fame

  • Branch Rickey died

  • Jackie jr. died

  • Jackie throw the second ball in the second game of the world series.

  • Jackie Robinson died