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Robinson's life

  • birth of Robinson

    birth of Robinson
    Robinson borns in a good family of York England
  • first travel

    first travel
    Robinson despite the advertisements of his father begins a travel with his friend at the age of 18 years old
  • first disgrace of Robinson

    first disgrace of Robinson
    after a good travel that leaves Robinson with some economical resources his ship was atttacked by pirates and force him to became a slave in salle morocco
  • Escape of morocco

    Escape of morocco
    after live 2 years in this place Robinson makes a plan with the help of some slaves to escape through north after some days Robinson finally was rescued by a portuguese ship
  • Arrival in Brazil

    Arrival in Brazil
    22 days later Robinson with Xury arrive in sugar and tobacco plantations in this place Robinson recover his economical stability buying some plantations and leaving xury at the custody o f the portuguese captain
  • Voyage to Guinea

    Voyage to Guinea
    Robinson searching Slaves for his plantation go to Guinea but shipwreck and all of his tripulation die remain him alone in a caribbean island
  • arrival in the island

    arrival in the island
    robinson arrives in the island and begins to establish his residence
  • Robinson's illness

    Robinson's illness
    Robinson fells ill for two or three days in the meantime he has prophetic dreams that made him to convert and follow Providence and thanks good his actual position
  • Wild life

    Wild life
    On the island he builds three main structures: his initial shelter, his country home on the opposite side of the island, and his guns and ammo fort in the woods.
    Also fortify his relation with aninals that survived this catastrophy like the cat and his dog.
  • cannibals

    Robinson in all time his poassed in the islnad did not see any human manifestation until one day see a footprint in the beach lately he decides to hide when sees that a ship of cannibal arrive in this place
  • God's deliverancy

    God's deliverancy
    Robinson reaffirms his position after fortunately beneficed by another shipwreck acquires some new provisions with the same process as he does with his ship
  • Friday

    After watching some of the Cannibal's rituals Robinson decides to take piosition and rescue one of his prisoner this decision takes him to meet Friday a cannibal prisoner and stablish a friendship with him as his servant
  • Escape

    Robinson and Friday trick the mutineers and saying there is a governor ruling the island but grants them freedom of the island. Robinson takes everything such as him umbrella, parrot, cap, and relics with him. Robinson and Friday board the ship and and they leave the island.
  • Return

    Robinson Crusoe decides to return to his island to see how everything is. Him and Friday were able to find that their old habitation was still there. He decides to stay there for about 20 days to help all the people in the island.