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Jackie Robinson

  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    Jackie Robinson was born on Jan. 31 1919 in Cario, Georgia. He had 3 brothers and 1 sister. his brothers were Edgar, Frank, and Mack. his sisters name was Willa Mea. he was the youngest out of all 5. He grew up very very poor, and his family was sharecroppers.
  • Joined Pasadena Junior College

    Joined Pasadena Junior College
    Jackie Robinson went to Pasadena Junior College. At this school he won varsity letters in 4 events. These events include basketball, football, track and baseball. Also in these years he got arrested for not sitting at the back of the bus.
  • Went to College

    Went to College
    Jackie went to college at UCLA. here he took only baseball and football. At this time he wasnt that good baseball. He ended leaving this school, and was focusing on becoming a profesinal football player.
  • Married

    In 1946 Jackie Robinson married Rachel Isum. they had 3 kids. 2 sons, and 1 daughter. The sons were Jackie Jr. and David, and the one daughter was Sharon.
  • Rookie Of The Year

    Rookie Of The Year
    One day the coach of the Brooklyn Dodgers came along and offered Jackie a spot on the Dodgers. He accepted and on November 16th of 1947 Jackie Robinson recived the Rookie of The Year award. He ended the season with 12 homers.
  • Won World Series

    Won World Series
    In 1955, Jackie Robinson and his team of the Booklyn Dodgers won the World Series to the New York Yankees. The crowd was surprised, and the coach, Branch Rickey, was extremely impressed and proud.
  • Elected Into The Hall Of Fame

    Elected Into The Hall Of Fame
    In 1962, Jackie Robinson was one of the first black men to get a spot in The Hall Of Fame. They made a new plaque, and it is taking the spot of the old plaque. The old plaque has been taken down, but will remain a part of the museum's collection and will be used for educational purposes.
  • Jackie Jr. death

    Jackie Jr. death
    Jackie Jr. was Jackie Robinsons son. He died on June 17 1971, due to drug addiction. His other son David died at the young age of 47, and Sharon, his daughter, is still alive today.
  • Death

    The world changing athlete Jackie Robinson died on October 24, 1972 due to a heart attack. Mariano Rivera was the last MLB player to war his number. Mariano retired on the 50th anniversary of Robinsons first game, when he broke the color barrier. Not one player today wears that number anymore.
  • Jackie Robinson stamp

    Jackie Robinson stamp
    Jackie Robinson changed history, and to thank him the USA post office honored him by making him the subject of a commemorative postage stamp.
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration

    50th Anniversary Celebration
    On this day in time, Mariano Rivera was the only player to wear the number 42 after Jackie Robinson. He retired on the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson, and so did the number. Now the number 42 will never be used by any other baesball player.
  • The Movie 42

    The Movie 42
    This year a movie about Jackie Robinson came out. it is called 42 because that was his number. It is about Jackie Robinson facing his enemies, but he is told to not fight back so it is hard for him as a black man. Everybody on his team, the Brooklyn Dodgers didnt like him, but branch Rickey stood up and said "if Robinson will help us win, then he will play on this ballfield!"