My Mother Said I never Should

  • Doris Partington gets born

    Doris Partington gets born
    born in oldham
  • World War One breaks up

    World War One breaks up
    Doris Lives through world war one
  • WWI finishes

    WWI finishes
  • Doris Partington gets married

    Doris Partington gets married
    married jack bradley
  • Margaret Bradley Gets born

    Margaret Bradley Gets born
    Born iN Cheadle Hulme
  • World War Two

    World War Two
    It Started when germany invaded poland
    Doris ANd Margaret Suffered the war
  • Christmas in WW2 (1940)

    Christmas in WW2 (1940)
    Margaret hides under the piano and plays with her doll. She is not allowed to have a christmas tree with candles, because candles may be seen fron the war planes. So, no decorations are in the house
  • margaret gets married

    margaret gets married
    Married Ken Metcalfe
  • Jackie Metcalfe

    Jackie Metcalfe
    born in london
  • The Beatles was formed

    The Beatles was formed
    Jackie is shown in the play listening to the beatles in some scenes
  • Hippie Movement

    Hippie Movement
    The Hippies wanted to gain Free Love, Peace, Equallity of rights for women, Use of drugs
    Jackie Gets Involved in the hippie movement
  • Punk movement

    Punk movement
    Rosie liked the ideas of the punk movement and cut off suky´s hair to give her a "punk appearence"
    she liked the sex pistols
  • greenpeace and the ecologist movements appear

    greenpeace and the ecologist movements appear
    in the eighties, Rosie would be very concerned about the ecologist movements against nuclear wars. She organizes protests at school against nuclear weapons.
  • Rosie was born

    Rosie was born
    born in Mosside, Manchester
  • Jackie gives Rosie to Margaret

    Jackie gives Rosie to Margaret
    After three months of having Rosie, Jackie decides to give Rosie to Margaret, because she wanted to focus on her career and Rosie was an obstacle for doing that.
  • Rosie eighth birthday

    Rosie eighth birthday
    Rosie likes the punk movement and she wants a sex-pistols t-shirt
  • Jack (Doris husband) dies

    Jack (Doris husband) dies
    He left in his will the house and some stuff to Jackie
  • Margaret dies

    Margaret dies
    After her death, Rosie finds out the truth and she fights with Jackie.
  • Rosie goes to live with Doris

    Rosie goes to live with Doris
    There she solves the solitaire game