Mr. Jackie Chan

  • The Birth of a Jackie Chan

    The Birth of a Jackie Chan
    Chan was born to impoverished parents in Hong Kong. The family moved to Canberra, Australia, when Chan was six, but the following year his parents sent him back to Hong Kong to attend a strict boarding school that trained students for jingxi. From ages 7 to 17 he studied acrobatics, singing, martial arts, and mime—skills that launched him into a position with a professional tumbling troupe and landed him bit roles as a child actor and, later, as a stuntman. (Chan, Jackie)
  • Hong Kong Movie Star

    Hong Kong Movie Star
    Jackie Chan begins his filmography career in movies such as The Young Master, Half a Loaf of Kung Fu, and The Fearless Hyena. None of the movies were in English. By the end of the decade, Jackie is the most popular and highest paid actor in Hong Kong. (Biograph)
  • First Movie in English

    First Movie in English
    As the saying goes: you can't win them all. Unfortunately this applies to Jackie Chan as well because his first movie in English, The Big Brawl, was a dud (Biograph), It wont be until 16 years later does he release another movie in America
  • Dangers of being a Stuntman

    Police Story Bus SceneJackie Chan's stunt don't only get him into danger, but even the stunt doubles of actors
  • Jackie Chan: Stunt Performer

    Jackie falling off a buildingEverybody knows Jackie Chan is a stunt performer, but not everybody knows the danger he gets himself into. Whenever you see Jackie jumping off buildings or breaking through glass it's always real and he never sugar coats anything, and he also redoes every scene just to get it right.
  • I Am Jackie Chan: My Life as Jackie Chan

    I Am Jackie Chan: My Life as Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan releases his first book shortly after rising to fame in America. People get to learn more about Jack Chan and how he's "good for some things, bad for a lot of things.” (I Am Jackie Chan)
  • Jackie's First Big Hit

    Jackie's First Big Hit
    It wasn't until 1996 did Jackie Chan finally brake through into the American market. (Chan, Jackie) After 16 years since his first movie in America, Jackie Chan makes a comeback with big hits such as Rumble in the Bronx and Rush Hour