Jackie 1

Nicholas' Jackie Robinson Timeline

  • Jackie Is Born

    Jack Roosevelt Robinson is born in Georgia from a mother named Mallie and a father named Jerry.
  • The Great Move

    Jackie and his family moved to California because people were burning down farms and hurting African American slaves. So they took that long journy on foot also!
  • Sent Out With the Brave

    Sent Out With the Brave
    Jackie Robinson was drafted to war and got sent to Fort Riley as a training center.
  • A Great Friendship

    When Jackie was at Fort Riley he met heavy weight boxing champion Joe Louis. Once they met they became good friends.
  • A Great Marriage

    Before Jackie went to war he visited Rachel Isum and announced their engagement.
  • Adding To The Team

    Adding To The Team
    After the barrier was broken Branch Rickie started to sign more African Americans to the team.
  • A Very Special Signing

    Jackie Robinson signed a paper saying that Jackie Robinson will play for the Brooklyn, Dodgers. There was also consiquenses to this, Branch Rickie wanted to know if Jackie could not fight back and to also not back down when someone threatened him.
  • A Well Earned Award

    A Well Earned Award
    Jackie won the Rookie of the year award once the season ended.
  • A Movie For Himself

    Jackie Robinson was asked to play himself in a movie about his life and so he did also because he didn't want someone to act not like him.
  • A Winning Team

    A Winning Team
    The first and only time for Brooklyn to win the world series happened at this time. Also before it Brooklyn won six times on the league championship with Jackie's help.
  • A Great Retire

    A Great Retire
    After ten years of playing baseball Jackie finally retired and went and did new things including that he got a store for blacks also.
  • Good People

    During when Jackie was in the civil rights movement he met a very special person named Marthin Luther King Jr. and both worked hard together to win freedom for the blacks!
  • One Great Award

    One Great Award
    Jackie Robinson (although he didn't think he would) won the hall of fame award. Jackie actually got %77 of the votes!
  • A Sad Ending

    Jackie got Diabeadies after baseball and soon after died because of it!