Jackie Robinson

  • A Set of Baseball Rules

    Alexander Cartwright published a set of baseball rules for the Knickerbocker Club of New York, and his rules were widely adopted.
  • First Professional Team

    Th Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first openly-salaried team and are thus considered the first professional team.
  • First Professinal Baseball League

    The first professional baseball league, the National Association of Professional Baseball Players, was established.
  • First Major League

    The first major league, the National League, was formed.
  • All Black Professional Teams Formed

    In the 1880s, all black professional teams started forming.
  • Anson vs. Walker

    One of the few black players on an integrated professional league team was Moses Fleetwood "Fleet" Walker, a catcher for the Toledo Blue Stockings. The Chicago White Stockings, led by star player Adrian "Cap" Anson, refused to take the field against Blue Stockings beause of Walker's presense .
  • Joining American Association

    Blue Stockings join the American Association.
  • First African American in the League

    Walker became the first African-American major leaguer.
  • Banning

    The International League banned future contracts with black players, although it allowed black players already under contract to stay on teams,
  • Limited

    Most professional black players were limited to playing in exhibition games on "colored' teams on the barnstorming circuit.
  • John McGraw

    John McGraw, manager of the Baltimore Orioles, attempted to get black second baseman Charlie Grant into the game by calling him a Cherokee named Tokohama.
  • Negro Leagues

    The Negro American Leagues started in 1937 and later absorbed the Negro National Leagues Team.
  • Branch Ricky #1

    Ricky joined the Dodgers and quietly began plans to bring black players to the team.
  • Jackie Robinson #3

    Drafted into the army, and served at bases in Kansas and Texas.
  • Jackie Robinson #4

    Left the army.
  • Meeting

    Branch Ricky and Jackie Robinson meet at the Brooklyn Dodgers office.
  • Signing

    Jackie Robinson officially signed the contract to play with the Dodgers.
  • Jackie Robinson #1

    Jackie Robinson joined the Kansas City Monarchs (Negro American League) and played with such baseball legends as Satchel Paige and Martin Dihigo.
  • Jackie Robinson #2

    The Jim Crow policies of bseball changed forever when Branch Rickey (Brooklyn Dodger's general manager) and Jackie Robinson of the Negro League's Kansas City Monarchs agreed to a contract that would bring Robinson into the major leagues in 1947.
  • Broken

    Jackie Robinson officially broke the color line.
  • Downfall of Negro Leagues

    The major league teams started integrating and the Negro League teams lost many of their best players.
  • Armed Forces

    Not until 1948 did a presidential order desegregate the armed forces.
  • Public Schools

    Supreme Court forbids segregated public schools.
  • Completely Ended

    Negro Leagues completely folded.