Jackie Robinson Timeline ( Levi Moore)

  • Birth & Family

    Birth & Family
    Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo Georgia January 31, 1919. He grew up with a single mother and one sisters and 2twobrothers. Jackie was the youngest . Jackie dad left before Jackie was born.
  • Child Hood

    Child Hood
    When Jackie was a kid his favorite sport was not baseball but football. When jackie was a kid he was in the pepper street gang even tho it was just a wannabe gangster kids, he was still going down the wrong path. Till one day a man named Karl Anderson turned his devilish life into a athletic christian life.
  • UCLA

    n 1939 Jackie became a superstar at UCLA competing in four sports basketball, track, football and baseball. his family also was very athletic. His brother Mack Robinson won silver in the 1936 olympics for the 200 meter dash. Jackie was good at all sports at UCLA but dominated in one football, the superstar running back on the team. his football career was going great till he pulled his ACL and his career was over.
  • WW2 ( 1st Event)

    WW2 ( 1st Event)
    In 1942 Jackie robinson was drafted and assigned to an all black sargent at the Fort Riley Kansas unite. Jackie applied for a second lieutenant and got singed the position in Fort Hood, Texas. Staying there for 6 weeks.
  • WW2 (2nd Event)

    WW2 (2nd Event)
    Jackie was very stubborn and uptight when it came to racism. He felt he should be treated as equal as white lieutenants fighting the racial battles in fort hood. Jackie then got charged for public attoxacation and was relieved his duties even tho he did not drink.
  • Kansas City Monarchs ( Negro League)

    Kansas City Monarchs ( Negro League)
    In 1945 the Kansas City Monarchs in the negro league offered Jackie Robinson a 425 dollar contract . Jackie accepting and dominated the negro league. However he had a attitude what would cause his to have anger bursts in frustration everywhere on the field. Playing for the Monarchs for only one year.
  • MLB tryout

    MLB tryout
    The Brooklyn Dodgers offered him a tryout with the team being the first non white player ever to be on a field with a MLB team . Jackie did not make the team at his first shot however he was offered a contract to play for the Dodgers AAA affiliate the Montreal Royals. accepting the contract the Royals manager Clay Hopper did not like the idea of a black player being on his team. Branch Rickey the General Manager for the Brooklyn Dodgers Organization told clay hopper he would lose his job if he
  • 1946 Montreal Royals

    1946 Montreal Royals
    After much struggles at the start of his Montreal career Jackie then broke thru batting .394 with 3 home runs and 66 RBI’s. Jackie said that Montreal treated him well as any other baseball player. The royals finished first that season.
  • Brookland Contract

    Brookland Contract
    A week before the 1947 season Jackie Robinson made history for signing a contract with the brooklyn Dodgers. Jakie was the first Black player ever to play in the MLB. Branch Rickey team manager was very happy because he new he would rack up money, because all the black baseball fans in New York would go to there games.
  • Racism

    In Robinson's first game he experienced how the MLB fans and players would treat him even his own team. all the white fans and players yelling racial exspricons from the stands such as “ you shouldn't be playing in a white boy leauge you monkey”. Jackie hated all the racist comments from the opposing teams dug out so bad that he would even cry in frustration sometimes till one day Pee Wee Reese the dodgers pitcher walked over to the dug out and told them off. the following at bat Jackie hit hi
  • Carrer

    Jackie Robinson then dominated the league for 10 years getting 137 home runs 724 RBIS. even tho jackies numbers were impressive his biggest strength was stealing bases. In his MLB career Jackie stole on average 38 bases a year what is incredible. Jackie Robinson retired a hero to all black men and boys.
  • Martin Luther King & Robinson

    Martin Luther King & Robinson
    After Jackie's Career was over he then had a strong bond and friendship with Martin Luther King. Helping out and supporting him all the time Jackie said “ Martin Luther King is the most brave and courageous man ever to walk in this earth's crust.
  • Vietnam War & Drug use

    Vietnam War & Drug use
    Jackie and his son Junior went to the Vietnam war together. However when they were in the war Jackie and his son smoked a lot of Marijuana. When the war was over they both returned to the US when Jackie admiralty stopped smoking Marijuana when Juniors drug use got worse. Using Heroin and cocaine.
  • Death

    Jackie Robinson then died October 24th 1972 in Stamford Connecticut leaving his legend and legacy behind. He was 64 years old.
  • Hero ?

    Hero ?
    In mid 1971 Jackie then was a national hero going to every baseball park once getting a standing ovation from every single person in the stadium white and black. Still today Jackie is a hero.