Jackie Robinson

  • Event 1 Overall premise

    Event 1 Overall premise
    This book is by Manfred Weidhorn is about Jackie Robinsons lifetime and career accomplishments that changed America as we see it today. Jackie throughly this book was inspired by many different charecters such as Pee Wee Reese, his mother Mali Robinson, and most of all his wife Rachel Robinson. The setting of the story moves from California, then Kansas, and Brooklyn, then where he died in Stamford Connecticut. When I read he was a 3 sport athlete it made me think of kids in my grade who play 3.
  • Event 2 Multi sport athlete

    Event 2 Multi sport athlete
    Throughout this novel it references that jackie was a multi sport athlete, and that he was also the best at them. He played track, basketball, football, and baseball. His first love for a sport was track, but midway through his college tenure he gave up track too mainly focus on baseball. A section in this part of the book got my attention it was about how he had an older brother named Mack who had taken second place at the 1936 Berlin Olympics which is amazing because he was behind Jesse Owens.
  • Event 3 Army

    Event 3 Army
    Jackie's first real job was in NYA camp. Then he went into the Navy and for 3 months was stationed in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. After that he had came home because of family issues and once at home he had heard that Pearl Harbor had been bombed, and this made him want to go back into the army he was stationed in Kansas City Missouri where he played baseball on a minor league team to. In this section of the book so was so astonished on how one of the most important people in America was almost killed.
  • Event 4 Baseball/civil rights

    Event 4 Baseball/civil rights
    Jackie Robinson has heard and seen racism and discrimination towards him his whole life and for politically incorrect reasons. He started playing in the Negro leagues and he was paid $400 a month, and the fans at the games would be there to swear and boo the colored players on either team. Jackie would just play through it and shut up the haters with his play, so eventually he played in the minors. In this chapter I realized that most racism has been diminished and has vanished and that is good.
  • Event 5 Minor League

    Event 5 Minor League
    Jackie Robinson played for the Kansas City Royals from 1945 to 1946. He was paid $400 a month by the team. Jackie's first stint in the minor leagues was a huge success he was playing the best in the minors and could have played very good in the major leagues that year. He had lead his team in mostly every statistic and the next spring was called up to the majors. I reflected on the subject, because it would be probably the best coolest things in the world to play in the minors and major leagues.
  • Event 6 MLB

    Event 6 MLB
    Jackie Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers for his first three seasons in the Major leagues. In his Major league debut he had a home run three singles and two stolen bases. Jackie had batted four for four in his major league debut. Although he is rembered for being an all star player he had only played for the Dodgers for 2 seasons and the other seasons in the minors in Montreal and Kansas. In this reading I was intrigued to find out that he mostly played the minor leagues and not the MLB.
  • Event 7 Bad Start

    Event 7 Bad Start
    Jackie Robinson had a bad start to the 1947 year he had heard that the Dodger who he loved growing up and as an adult wanted to trade him, then other teams began to start making racist comments even the coaches were making those remarks. He then go t a salary cut to the league minimum of five thousand per year. This had been one of the worst times in his life and that is a bold statement. I reflected on this because I can relate to this not to this measure but I have bad times also in my life.
  • Event 8 Rich and Famous

    Event 8 Rich and Famous
    Through all of the racism and discrimination that hit him like a train in the start of the year vanished once he started to follow Martin Luther King Philosophy of problems solving without using violence. By using this trick he had started to gain the respect of everyone even the people from the south. Then he started to play better so he then got a new contract that had a 5k dollar signing bonus which was unheard of at that time. I liked this part of the book because he got what he deserved.
  • Event 9 Spokesperson

    Event 9 Spokesperson
    In the waiting years of his career he had finally retired but the Giants offered him 70k to join their team which to him was very intriguing until he realized that at age 32 he was not in his playing form. He became a spokesperson for many different groups of people. He openly spoke on colored people playing baseball, racism in America, and the communists out in Eastern Europe mainly Russia wanting to take over Europe. This section was important because I didn't know Russia was that powerful.
  • Event 10 After baseball

    Event 10 After baseball
    After baseball Jackie Robinson had a very good life he was Inducted into the baseball hall of fame which was always one of Jackies main goals and aspirations as a kid and grown up in the league. He had retired from baseball at age 32 and then became a spokesperson. Jackie Robinson had had 2 kids and was one of The United States of Americas most influential person because just like many important people he help make a change and that's why I picked this book to get to know my favorite hero more.
  • Event 11 Jackie Dies

    Event 11 Jackie Dies
    Jackie Robinson died at age 52 he had a heart attack in his house in Stamford Conneticut. Jackie Robinson has won the Rookie of the Year award, he was also a Most Valuable Player which was one of his major goals and aspirations to win that's award, also an award that Jackie dreamed of one day have was a Hall Of Fame plaque in Cooperstown New York, and in his Career he had 6 seasons of .300 batting average which is insane. I loved this part of the book because it showed me all of his stats.
  • Event 12 Overview

    Event 12 Overview
    I thought the book overall was very good but at some points towards the end they could have wrapped it up faster. It depends on the friend if they didn't like baseball I wouldn't recommend it but if they liked baseball I would definitely recommend it to them. I would watch the movie because Jackie Robinson is such a big person in history so it would be awesome to watch the movie. This book was very believable on all the stats and facts. I wish they ended the book faster that's the only request.