Human and Civil Rights

  • Nat Turner's Rebellion

    Nat Turner's Rebellion
    Turner's group made a plan.They would go ”kill all the white people. Many white people of the military were away. It would be so swift and so terrible.
  • The Seventeenth Amendment

    The Seventeenth Amendment
    TimelinesThe amendment supersedes Article I, § 3, Clauses 1 and 2 of the "Constitution, transferring Senator selection from each state's legislature to popular election by the people of each state. It also provides a contingency provision enabling a state's governor, if so authorized by the state legislature, to appoint a Senator in the event of a Senate vacancy until either a special or regular election to elect a new Senator is held."
  • Chicago Race Riot

    Chicago Race Riot
    White soldiers came back from the war and go back to the job that they once had. Black soldiers, expected that knowing that they were soldiers would change things regarding jobs. Things escalated in the summer of 1919, riots erupted.The largest and most violent of these riots occurred in Chicago.
  • First Negro History Week is Observed

    First Negro History Week is Observed
    Founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Carter G Woodson, was one of the first to value and study Black History. He insisted people having knowledge of Black history. He was also the founder of Jornal of Negro History.
  • Coretta Scott Is Born

    Coretta Scott Is Born
    Coretta Scott was born in Heiberger, Alabama. She spent most of her time on her family's farm. She helped pick cotton to make money for the family.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is born

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is born
    One of the twentieth-century America's most compelling and effective civil rights leader, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Jr enters Morehouse College at age fifteen, Jr joined his father and grandfather into the Baptist ministry. He received a bachelor of divinity from Crozer Theological Seminary in 1951 and a Ph.D from Boston University in 1955.
    Jr entered the civil rights movement in 1955.
  • Al Capone jailed

    Al Capone jailed
    On May 17, 1929, Al Capone was arrested for carrying deadly concealed weapons. Him and his bodyguards were sentenced to a one year term. Capone was released and had only served nine months.
  • Rosa Parks encounters first segregation event

    Rosa Parks encounters first segregation event
    "My resisting being mistreated on the bus did not begin with that particular arrest...I did a lot of walking in Montgomery." On a public bus on a rainy day in 1943, when the bus driver, James F. Blake, demanded she get off the bus and reenter through the back door. She drops her purse while on the way out. She sits down while waiting on white passengers to pick it up for her. The bus driver kicks her off and makes her walk home, 5 miles in the rain.
  • Parks joins NAACP

    Parks joins NAACP
    In December 1943, Parks became active in the Civil Rights Movement, joined the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP, and was elected volunteer secretary to their president. She later said, "I was the only woman there, and they needed a secretary, and I was too timid to say no."Parks also worked as a housekeeper and seamstress for a white couple.
  • Jackie Robinson arrested

    Jackie Robinson arrested
    While awaiting results of hospital tests on his prior ankle injury from junior college, Robinson boarded an Army bus with a fellow black officer's wife; although the Army had commissioned its own unsegregated bus line, the bus driver, believing Robinson's companion was white, ordered Robinson to move to the back of the bus. Robinson refused. The driver backed down, but, after reaching the end of the line, summoned the Military Police, who took Robinson into custody. When Robinson later confronte
  • Coretta Scott Enrolls in College

    Coretta Scott Enrolls in College
    Coretta enrolls at Antioch College, in Yellow Springs, Ohio. She was sent with her other siblings. She won a scholarship elementary education and music. She was very involved in college.
  • Jackie Robinson Signs

    Jackie Robinson Signs
    Branch Rickey, president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers signs Jackie Robinson to a contract to the Montreal Royals.
    Robinson was the first black baseball player in the International League since at 1890.
    The picture to the left shows the signing.
  • Jackie Robinson plays

    Jackie Robinson plays
    Jackie Robinson plays his first professional baseball game for the Montreal Royals at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, New Jersey.The Montreal Royals won 14 - 1."He smashed out four hits in five times up-a homer with two men on base and three singles."
  • Jackie Robinson wins award

    Jackie Robinson wins award
    Jackie Robinson won the Most Valuable Player award. Leading the league with a .342 batting average and 37 stolen bases. Robinson was also voted starting second baseman for the 1949 All-Star Game – the first All-Star Game to include black players.
  • Freedom Summer to Register Black Voters in Mississippi

    Freedom Summer to Register Black Voters in Mississippi
    Freedom summer was possible because of years of earlier work by numerous African Americans who lived locally in Mississippi. By 1964, students and others had begun the process of integrating public accommodations, registering to vote, and above all organizing a network of local leadership. Well over 1,000 out-of-state volunteers participated in Freedom Summer alongside thousands of black Mississippians.