About me

  • I was born

    I was born July 11 in 2007 in michigan.
  • I learned how to ski

    I learned how to ski
    My mom and Dad and sister all skied and I was being taught at Mount Brighton in 2011.
  • Started elemantary school

    Started elemantary school
    In 2012 I started my first year of kindergarten at Workman elementary school.
  • Got my second Dog

    We got her in 2014 I dont remember the month but she was 11 months old. Her name was Willow.
  • We got a lake house

    We bought a lake house about an hour away from us. This was in 2015 in April.
  • Started Playing soccer

    Started Playing soccer
    I tried out for the Celtics and made the B team in 2017. Also I still play soccer now.
  • We got a house at crystal mountain

    We bought a house at Crystal Mountain which was part of a resort. We skied a lot so we go up there a lot during the winter.
  • Started snowboarding

    Started snowboarding
    Late 2018 early 2019 I started learning how to snowboard from my Aunt and Uncle because they had a cabin where we had one. I previously skied so now I know how to do both but mainly snowboard.
  • Got another dog

    Our family got another dog named Bear and he is a chocolate lab. This was in september of 2019.
  • Bear swallowed two socks

    He swallowed two socks at different times in late 2019 and had to have surgery to get them out.
  • Covid quarantine started

    We got lucky because right before all that started my Dad got a job were he just normally worked from home so I just took it as a good break.
  • Online school starts

    Online school starts
    We started school in the later september days and it was better than no school but I would have rather seen my friends in person school.
  • Sister goes to college

    In september of this year my sister moved to purdue which is about 4 hours away.My sisters name is Katie.
  • Soccer starts again

    Around the same time my sister moves my soccer team starts having practice which was nice because I wasnt getting any exercise during quarantine. But the bad thing is we have to wear asks while playing.