Fletcher photography part 2

Jack Ah Quay's Life

  • born

    On this day, i was born.
  • first birthday

    first birthday
  • sister was born

    on this day i recieved my first sibling.
    a baby sister.
  • started kindy

    on this date i started kindy.
  • pre-school!

    i started pre school at bundamba.
  • grade one

    i started primary school at bumdamba state school
  • got my first motorbike

    on this day i recieved my first motorbike
  • grade 2

    grade 2 at bundamba primary school.
  • grade 3

    grade three at bundamba primary school
  • grade 4

    grade 4 at bundamba primary school.
    i was in a grade 4/5 accelerated class this year.
  • bigger motorbike

    i was starting to get real dirt bikes. and i started to race them,
    i was never compeditive but it was fun.
  • Grade 5

    grade 5 at bundamba primary
  • grade 6

    grade 6 of bundamba primary,
    i was in a 6/7 accelerated class this year.
  • Grade 7

    top of the school in grade 7.
  • First broken bone.

    i had a motorbike accodent and majorly broke my sholder. i was in surgury that night getting 2 pins to hold the bone togeather.
    i had 3 months recovery then the pins removed.
    i still have the scars and pain of the injury today.
    (right sholder)

    on this day i started high school at SPCC
  • started go kart racing

    this is the day i had my first profesional go kart race. placed badly as expected.
  • Grade 9

    started grade 9.
  • Grade 10

    started grade 10.
  • first really major crash

    this had me in hosptial for a day or 2. having someone land on my head/chest hurt allot.

    woohoo! finaly my first win! and my a longshot! first out of a feild of 14.
    link is below:
  • Started campaign with RK Karts Australia

    Started campaign with RK Karts Australia
    on this day i accepted my first sponsership offer,
    A four year drive with RK Karts Australia racing all over Queensland/Australia, http://www.rkkarts.com.au/
  • Grade 11

    Started grade 11.
    Finaly in senior school.

    im on the road! after failing the test the first time i went back and passed, 30/30!

    This is the biggest race of my carrear so far.
    we are travlining to lismore with RK Karts Australia to compeat in the juniors only natnional titles. a 4 day race with practice, qualifying, heats and finals all on seperate days.