ivette's life

  • my birthday **

    this is the ady i was born at 11:25 am int h morning i was born.\
    i wish i can remember what i did months away i was born.nobody remember until maybe the age of 2 or 3. my mom put me ivette because my unty loved that name.
  • in foruth grade i made carmel apple sundae

    with ms.wics i made a carmel sundae. why becuase our class was always great. i wish thos days can come back.when we made it took tim because we had to heat up caramel so it can be melted.when it was done we put ice cream in our bowl,then caramel,m & m's,i almost forgot the apples to. IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!
  • i was in sixth grade i had fun

    when i was in 6 th garde i had fun because ms.adams was my favorite teacher.she would alwasy be nice to us. she would nevre get mad if we did something bad she would always tell us in a nice way to not do it. i loved JA biztown it was fun.
  • i made gum,lipstick and i cream

    on this year i made gum that was i made a really big gum.when i blowed a gum it was huge.i made a whole zip loc bag of gum. that year i mad lipstick that year to.we made it with mineral oil and kooaid made the flavor.
  • in 2006 i went to califronia

  • in 2008 my best teacher ms.adams

    this year was great it was fun because ms.adams was my favorite teacher out of all school.she would never get mad at me.she would always let me go to places.she was a great teacher wish she can come back. we had great a lot of remebers lik bridges it was fun the play we did was great.
  • i'm an aunt now

  • my fun birhtday

  • june 17 neice was born

  • olimpia's grduation

  • my siister prom

  • my aunty cane from viginia

    last summer my aunty came fro virginia it was fun.we went to the lake it was far and when we got ther the parking lot was full we couldn't a spot. it took about 15 minutes to find a spot.
    i had fun we had a barbeque.
  • july 4 i went to the lake

  • 9 october i went to the sience musseum

  • in januaury,5 my siters bday not enough cake for me

  • i went to arlington minnesota

  • i went to great moon buffet

  • on feb,19 2012 cousin bday

  • 10 march i went to northtown mall bath & body works

  • my family came