Its My Life - Timeline Assignment

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    My birth had a major significance in my life. On August 22nd 1996 at 3:00am I was born by sea section at St. Josephs hospital. Without the sea section I probably would not be living today, I would have drowned inside my mom and I would have never even existed. The sea section definitely made a huge impact on my life, as well as my parents.
  • My First Birthday

    My First Birthday
    My first birthday made a huge impact on my life. On my first birthday is when my grandmother came to Canada from Greece just to meet me and be at my first birthday party. That was my first time meeting her and it has a significance in my life because she is the only grandparent I’ve ever had and I’m glad I met her.
  • Christmas

    My second Christmas which i like to consider my first Christmas because I understood what Christmas was had made a big impact on my life. I met my godmother and i believed in Santa Clause which made me believe for 10 years that deer’s could fly and that there was somebody living in the north pole. But because of that Christmas i know who my godmother is and i can go to her about anything which made my life more different today.
  • Moving Houses

    Moving Houses
    Moving houses definitely changed my life. Me and my parents and older brother used to live in a house for 4 years and it was basically where i grew up, we moved houses because our next door neighbors were thieves and would rob our house every night or go in our backyard without permission. If we did not move i would have grown up with people like that and i would probably be more scared about things than i am today, and it would have changed my personality.
  • My Cousins Moving to Hamilton

    My cousins moving to Hamilton from Toronto made my life completely different. They were 3 girls and they were my best friends and i grew up with them. They were 5-6 years older than me but they taught me everything even about school and they were my role models and i had a blast when i was with them. Them moving to Hamilton made the biggest impact on my life because if they didn’t move to Hamilton i probably wouldn’t be as close as i am with them than i am today.
  • My Cousins Death

    My cousins death is the biggest importance in my life. On May 8th 2001 was probably the saddest day in mine and my whole families life. That day my first cousin passed away with colon cancer. I was 5 years old and had no idea what cancer was and how it killed my cousin but when i was old enough to understand my mother told me what cancer was and it changed the way i looked at things. I would always support the cancer charities and if that event never happened i would be a different person.
  • My First Day Of School

    My First Day Of School
    My first day of school changed my life because if i never went to school I would of never got an education. Without my education I wouldn’t be able to do the things i wanted to do in my life which makes a big difference. I would have never met such amazing people and i probably wouldn’t have all the friends that i have today.
  • Life Threatning allergies

    Life Threatning allergies
    On October 19th 2002 is when i almost died from eating seafood. Me and my parents had no idea that I had a life threatening allergy to sea food so one day I went over to my grandmothers house and she made fish. I tried a piece and than suddenly couldn’t breathe because my lungs and breathing tubes got swelled up I had to go to the hospital immediately because I was dying thankfully I did not die. From that day on I found out I had an allergy to seafood and I know to never eat it again.
  • The Birth of My Little Brother

    On March 28th 2004 at 12:32pm was the birth of my little brother Evan. This event made a huge significance in my life, he’s my best friend and I love to play with him, he made a big difference in my life because I never had a little brother before this day and now I do, if I didn’t I wouldn’t know how little brothers are and how much they can mean to me. I love him so much and he made my life so much more different and better.
  • Swimming Lessons

    Swimming Lessons
    Swimming lessons may seem like they cannot change anyone’s life but they can. Ever since I started taking swimming lessons it changed the way I think about sports and I learned how to swim. If I didn’t take swimming lessons I would have not learned how to swim and would never know how much fun it can be. Swimming has to be one of my favourite sports and its one of my favourite things to do in my spare time.
  • My Aunts Wedding

    My aunts wedding has some significance in my life. It was the first wedding I’ve ever been to and I know what weddings are like now. Thanks to that wedding i probably would not have such an amazing little cousin William in my life right now and he mean so much to me.
  • Vacation to Cuba

    Vacation to Cuba
    My vacation to Cuba changed my life. It changed the way I look at people, if I never went to Cuba I probably would not know how Cubans live right now I found out that its not the richest country in the world but its defiantly the most entertaining and filled with such amazing and energetic people. To see people who are not that rich but are happy with their life and proud makes me look at them differently and it made me love them and their country a lot and I’m glad I went their for my vacation
  • My Graduation

    My grade 8 graduation changed my life. It changed it because if I never graduated I wouldn’t have went to high school and met so many amazing people. Also my graduation made me realize that its hard to let some people go but you have to learn from it but it also made me a lot closer with some people that I never had the chance to speak to, which made a difference in my life.