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It's My Life

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born at St.Joseph's hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. Being born here in Canada has been very significant because I was already born into the beautiful culture and didn't have to move different places and try to adapt.
  • Period: to

    My Life

    This is a timeline of my life. It is the major events that have shaped who I am as a person, in both my personal and public life.
  • Baptism

    This was my first Holy sacrament in the Catholic Church. It marked the day that the sins of Adam and Eve were washed away from me.
  • My Holy Communion

    My Holy Communion
    Another sacrament I recieved was communion which came with the sacrament reconciliation. This shaped me to be more involved in the Church, to go more because I felt special being able to recieve the Holy Eucharist.
  • Becoming an altar server

    Becoming an altar server
    I became an altar server because my sister was. This shaped me become who I am because I was forced to pay attention to what the Priest was saying in order to be on cue for what I had to do. I became a patient person who listened well through this service which are traits I still use today.
  • The T.V show Supernatural

    The T.V show Supernatural
    Supernatural Season 4 CommericalThe T.V show Supernatural seasons 4 and 5, got more involved in the topics of Angels, Demons, and God. This intrigued me to research those kind of things, and read up about them. I grew more interested in anything to do with religion which has become a main part of many conversations I have. The show become more in depth about the end of the world, having to do with the seven seals. It had a lot to do with the chapter Revelations, which inspired me to read the Bible, which I now do every night.
  • The Books I Read

    The Books I Read
    I've always read a lot of books but the book called "Fallen" written by Lauren Kate really got me into sci-fi books. Books made me look at things from different points of view, and give me a better vocabulary. I've become more observant of people's actions and the things they say. The books shaped what kind of things I am interested in.
  • My Confirmation

    My Confirmation
    This is the latest sacrament I have recieved. I choose to have this sacrament, not my parents because I choose to be a member in the Catholic Chuch. This decision was completely based on my beliefs.
  • My Graduation

    My Graduation
    My graduation marked me finishing up elementary school. It marked me completing my first real kind of education and felt great. The feeling made me become motivated to do well in high school.
  • Ottawa

    My experience of going to Ottawa shaped my thoughts of Canada. I learned a lot about the history of our country and the experience of going somewhere without my parents caused me to become more independent.
  • Going into High school

    Going into High school
    This marked a new chapter in my life. High school is 4 years of your life that you need to be focused and do well for it affects your whole future. It's also the time to make friends and socialize. Going into it I knew I needed to balance my time for not only school, friends and family, but also myself. I feel proud that I go to St. Thomas More and enjoy coming, which affects my school work and attitude towards people.
  • Getting on the Honour Roll

    Getting on the Honour Roll
    I am on the honour roll for grade 9 which has made me strive to continue being on it every year. I try the best I can at school work and will continue doing so, so that my name will stay up on the wall.
  • Having a Brother and Sister

    Having a Brother and Sister
    Being the middle child, I am closest in age to both my brother and sister. 3 years apart for each. I am close to both of them and it definitely affects how my family is, what we do, what we get and how we act. Family is the first thing that shapes who we are in the outside world, so I feel it's important to have a good relationship with all family members. Even though we all have our arguements, we all love each other and would help if it was needed no matter what.
  • Parents

    Having two great parents has been a major blessing in my life. Parents are the first role models for everything so the way they raised me has been the ultimate significant overall event of my life. If I were to chose one event that really shaped me, it would definitely be having these parents. I learn from them every day and love them.
  • Friends

    Having the friends I do has also been another major blessing. It has affected how I handle things and what I find funny and who I get along with. My friends are always there for me and impact so many things that I do.