It's My Life

  • I was born!

    I was born in Southfield, Michigan. I was 8 lbs. 11 oz. I was the second of two planned children for my parents. My family lived in Canton, MI. Canton was still so new my birth certificate reads Plymouth, MI.
  • Psychosocial - Smiling 5 weeks

    I began smiling at my parents and brother when I was 5 weeks old. My brother was 3 1/2 and thought I was much more entertaining when he could make me smile as a result of his actions.
  • Cognitive - Talking 6 months

    I was a very early talker. I began to babble around 5 months and by six moths I was saying "mama" & "dada". Soon after I was saying "Hi" and other simple words. I could speak in sentances before I was 2. My first and third daughter both spoke insentances before they were 2. My middle child didn't speak until she was 4. Is this a symptom of an underlying problem or is it just her rate of development?
  • Biosocial - Walking 11 months

    I was walking my 11 months. I walked before my brother did. Perhaps it was becasue I watched my brother. In the text the author tells us how is fourth daughter was the earliest to walk. This is not always the case though. My second daughter Jordan stunned us all when she learned to walk at barely 9/10 months
  • Cognitive - Early Childhood - Able to read level 1 books 3 yrs.

    My mother was a teacher and put a tremendous amount of importance on reading to us from infancy. I was able to read books to my parents by the time I was 3. When I started kindergarten I was reading at a 2/3rd grade level. I was taken to a 2nd grade class for reading.
  • Biosocial - Early Childhood - Riding a bike 5 yrs.

    I was hesitant to let my dad take off the training wheels on my "big girl bike" As a result I learned a little later han some to ride a two wheeler. Once I was willing to try I learned in a day. My middle child is so physically adept. She asked to learn at 4 and got the hang of it in about 4 runs. We were all shocked!
  • Phychosocial - Early Childhood - Guilt from Parents Divorce 8 yrs

    My parents split up when I was 8 and it came as a complete shock. I had to adapt to my fatherbeing gome and my mother being tense and touchy. My life had completely changed. I thought it was my brother and I who had done something wrone as it seemed our parents were always mad at us.
  • Biosocial - Middle Childhood - MEAP & Aptitude Testing

    When I was in 3rd grade I took the standardized tests. I achieved off the chart results and there was a period where we decided if I was going to be put up a grade or go to a special school for TAG (Talented and Gifted) kids. Unfortunately I was unable to go to the TAG school because my mother would have had to provide transportation and she was a single, working mother. I begged her not to put me up a grade out of fear of attention being brought to me and bullying. I stayed in my grade.
  • Cognitive - Middle Childhood - Winning Young Authors Contest

    When I was in 4th grade had a school wide Young Authors contest. All student submitted a written and illustrated book. The submissions were chosen by each teacher and winners were chose by grade. I had recieved honorable mention in 2nd & 3rd grade but in 4th I won. I had beat out all of the other 4th graders. I was presented with an award and I made a second copy of my book that went into the school library. This was one of my favorite memories.
  • Psychosocial - Middle Chioldhood - Suffering Bullying

    Beginning in 4th grade and continuing through middle school I became a target for the bullys in my school. There was a group of children who were horible bullies to many of the unpopular kids. I was overweight and wore glasses and made and excellent target. I began to hate school, I had non existant self esteem and was becomming very angry which transfered to my relationships with my family.
  • Biosocial - Adolesence - Changing Hormones

    When I was 13 I began my period. I was DREADING the event. I hated the cramps and the physical symptoms but more so I was afraid that people would know by looking at me. I was afraid it would be one more thing people would tease me about. Around the same time, perhaps 6 months earlier I changes from wearing a camisol to needing a bra. Again, I was horrified. I thinkg I hate the thought of growing up and I hated the thought of changing therefore giving bullies more to work with.
  • Cognitive - Adolesence - Problems in school

    When I entered high school I thought I would have a new beginning. I went Canton H.S. and IO thought with so many kids it would be a lot of new people and a new start. My freshman year was just as awkward as elementary and middle school. My the time I was a sophomore I had begun skipping school. My grades were slipping and I was failing my classes. I eneded up dropping out of school and eventually got my GED after the birth of my child at 18.
  • Psychosocial - Adolescence - Drugs & Pregnancy

    I found my niche in school with the "burnouts". I also learned that I was strong enough to physically handle bullies. I got in several fights and was rewarded with being left alone. I developed a reputation as a fighter. I began to experiment with drugs and I had no relationship with my mother. She actually put me in several inpatient psych/drug rehab centers which in retrospect were horrid, harmful places. In attempts to make my own family I had a child in 1991 at 18.
  • Biosocial - Adulthood - Image issues

    When I was 26-27 I was in an unhealthy marriage. I felt trapped and I became obsessed with loosing weight and becomming desirable. I began to take ephedra and work out 6 days a week. I lost 70 pounds in 3 months. I went from a 16 to a 6. I am lucky that I did not kill myself with the amount of ephedra I took and I am still wondering if it will have physical ramifications later in life.
  • Cognitive - Adulthood - Working my way up the chain

    I was desparate to get a good job so that I could live on my own. I was working in the restaurant industry and aggressively pursued beoming trained in all stations, becoming a trainer and was ultimately promoted to manager. To become a manager I had to go stay in a hotel for twelve weeks during an intense training period. It was the most I had learned in years.
  • Psycosocial - Adulthood - Family life

    In 2003 I met and married my husband after spending 5 days with him. I had divirced my 1st husband months earlier after a lengthy separation. Right after I married him I became pregnant. I had to change the lifestyle of partying and excess for the past 5 years. It was very difficult for me. I have now been married 9 years and don't smoke or drink.
  • Later Adulthood - Cognitive - Going back to school

    In 2010 I decided to get serious about school. If my husband died in the line of duty I needed to ba able to care for my family. I began attending Schoolcraft. (I have lived in Michigan during all the previous deployments) I have a 3.8 and I am also attending a local college here. This October I will be transferring to Southern California University.
  • Later Adulthood - Biosocial - Buying our house

    After years of credit problems and moving every other year we finally were able to buy a home. I took my kids and looked at houses while my husband worked. He told me to pick what I liked and that he trusted my judgement and would behappy where ever I picked. What a great feeling.
  • Later Adulthood - Psycosocial - Being alone

    This is the first time I have been alone with my kids during a deployment. My family is in MI, OR and VA. I am learning to depend on myself. I am takingon new challenges while dealing with an axniety disorder and stress from having my husband in a warzone. My children are a challenge as well and I miss having another adult to share the load. It will be fine and I will have learned many things during this time alone.
  • Death & Dying

    I hope to make it this long! The calculator said 85. I think between 75-80. I sure hope so. I do not want to be kept alive on life support and be a burden to my family. I can only live the best life I can!