Italian and German unification

  • Revolution of 1848

    Revolution of 1848
    Mazzini, writer, orator, and founder of Italy, seized the Papal States with his followers.
  • Victor Emmanuel II

    Victor Emmanuel II
    Emmanuel II became king of Sardina-Piedmont
  • Cavour strengthens Sardinia-Piedmont

    Cavour strengthens Sardinia-Piedmont
    Cavour, liberal states man appointed prime minister of Sardinia-Piedmont, strengthened the country by promoting industry, building railroads, improving agriculture, fostering education, and enlarging the army.
  • Cavour declares War

    Cavour declares War
    Cavour monuvered Austria into declaring war. French and Sardinian troops defeated the Austrians.
  • Period: to

    Sardina-Piedmont Unifies Italy

  • The Two Siciles was conquered

    The Two Siciles was conquered
    Mazzini's friend, Garibaldi, also the military leader, defended Mazzini's Roman Republic against the French, fought for Sardinia against Austria, and in 1860 conquered the Two Siciles.
  • Italian unity

    Italian unity
    Cvour exucuted a series of diplomatic moves to achieve Italian unity.
  • King of Italy

    King of Italy
    Emmanuel II became king of Italy
  • Creation of Prussian Military Power

    Creation of Prussian Military Power
    Govermeants request for increased military funds was defeated in the Prussian legislature.
  • Danish War

    Danish War
    Bismarck brought about a war with Denmark over Provinces of Schleswig and Holstein. Prussia joined by Austria easily defeated Denmark.
  • Austira-Prussian War

    Austira-Prussian War
    Bismarck dilliberatly quarrled with Austria over the conquered provinces and provoked a War.
  • 7 weeks war

    7 weeks war
    Italy allied itself with Prussia in the 7 weeks war against austria.
  • Establishmeant of North German Confederation

    Establishmeant of North German Confederation
    Bismarck annexed several North German states and forced the remaining ones to join a Prussian dominated North German confederation.
  • Period: to

    The Franco-Prussian War

  • Italy forces occupy

    Italy forces occupy
    (Rome) Because of the Franco-Prussian war, France withdrew its trrops protecting the Pope in Rome.
  • Establishmeant of German Empire

    Establishmeant of German Empire
    During Franco-Prussian war the four south German states consented to unification with Prussia. Bismarck made William I as emporer.