Issac Newton's spectacular Life

By kekica
  • Birth

    Born in Woolsthorpe,England
  • Enrolled in School

    Enrolled in Grantham Grammer School
  • Enrolled in College

    Enrolled in Trinity College, Cambridge
  • Graduates College

    Receives Bachelor of Arts from Trinity College
  • Royal Society

    Elected into Royal Society
  • Calculations Gravity

    Newton completes calculations of gravity with Halley and she urges him to publish
  • Principia

    Newton publishes first book Principia
  • Black Year

    Newton plagued with depression,insomnia and prone to nervous breakdowns
  • Knighted

    Knighted by Queen Anne
  • Second Edition of Principia

    Second edition of Principia is released
  • Death

    Death of Sir Issac Newton