Isreali-Palestine Timelone

  • Balfour Declaration

    A declaration to provide land for the Jewish people to call home. Proposed Arthur James Balfour
  • Period: to

    Tomorrow's a Jew Day

    In addition, the British estimated that a total of 40,000 Jews had entered Palestine without legal certificates during the period from 1920 to 1939. Between 1929, the year of the Wailing Wall disturbances, and 1936, the year the Palestinian Revolt began, the Jewish population of Palestine increased from 170,000 or 17 percent of the population, to 400,000, or approximately 31 percent of the total. The immigration of thousands of German Jews accelerated the pace of industrialization and made the c
  • Period: to

    The Holocaust

    A series events that lead up to the Genocide of 6 million jews. One of the most horrifying events in human kind
  • Isreal is real!!!

    The United Nations partition to make Isreal a country. The plan was for the UK to withdraw from there and let the jewish live there, the Arabs didn't like that
  • Al Nakba

    At about this year, Isreal was establish but most of the palestine were mad because of it
  • Establishment of the PLO

    The Palestine liberation organization is founded
  • Period: to

    Six Day War

    Isreal starts a war... they end up getting themselves into some deep doo-doo
  • Munich MASSACRE

    Some Palestine men kidnapped the isreali team completeing in the Munich olypics and killed then resulting in 17 deaths, one of which was a german officer
  • Period: to

    Yom Kippur War

    A War between Isreal and Egypt which initally started because Egypt attacked during a muslim holiday of Yam Kippur hence the name of the war.
  • Camp David Accords

    A Treaty between Egypt and Isreal is signed, the US made sure of this... WITH FORCE!!!
  • First Intifada

    The first instance of the Palestine citizens uprising against the Isreali government
  • OSLO Peace Accords

    A set of Treaties that would help start the foundation leading to peace bweteen Isreal and Palestine
  • Period: to

    Madrid Summit

    A meeting between deligates of countries, during this meeting the Palestine and Isreali representatives agree to settle peace between the two.
  • Second Intifada

    An intense event of gunfire and explosions between the Palestines and isrealis