Islamic Timeline

  • Nov 8, 610

    Gabriel speaks to Muhammad

    Muhammad was about 40 years old when he heared the voice of the angel, Gabriel, calling him. Muhammad was confused because he thought to himself how can an illiterate merchant be chosen to be the messenger. Soon Khadija convinced and gave him faith. Muhammad later devoted his life to spreading Islam.
  • Nov 8, 622

    Muhammad's Hijra

    Mecca's gods soon got angry because Muhammad was negecting the Arab gods. In 622 Muhammad left Mecca because he was being threatened for his life and left to Yathirb, a journey to Hijra. People in Medina worshiped and folled Muhamads teachings. On 630 Muhammad returned to Mecca and took over.
  • Nov 12, 632

    Muhammad's death

    Muhammad died before being able to choose a succesor, wich plunged his followers to grief.
  • Nov 15, 632

    Split of Sunni and Shia

    Because Muhammad died without choosing succesor the Islamic community spread across a lot of parts of the world.
  • Nov 12, 634


    Abu Bakr was Muhhamad's father-in-law and an early convert to Islam. He was the first caliph to Muhammad.
  • Nov 12, 750

    Umayyad dynasty

    After the death of Ali, a powerful Meccan clan set up the Umayyad caliphate, a dynasty of Sunni caliphs that ruled the muslim emprire until 750.
  • Nov 12, 750

    Fall of Umayyad Dynasty

    because there was a lot of military victories and because negotiation expanded in the muslim empire the Ummayad dynasty started facing problems.
  • Nov 12, 750

    rise of Abbasids

    Tried to create an empire where there was equality with all muslims.Reached great power and wealth.
  • Nov 12, 1258

    fall of the Abbasids