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Isabella Cruz Zapatero - Spanish Immigrant, EA

  • Birth and Childhood

    Birth and Childhood
    Hola! My name is Isabella, and I am the youngest child/daughter of 7 children. My family and I grew up in Catalan, Spain and at the time, my country and other countries in Europe were going through the Long Depression. Since the economy crashed, many Spanish citizens had become poor and the job opportunities were decreasing. My family and I needed to get out of our country for the chance of a better life.
  • Arriving to America

    Arriving to America
    As we arrived to this beautiful place named Ellis Island, my family and I were astonished to see that this place would lead us to our new home. Thoughts rushed to my head as I looked at the Statue of Liberty, the hundreds of people already at this island, and how our lives would change completely. For the first time, I think my family and I felt the sense of true contentment as we looked at this ultramodern world.
  • Political Machine

    Political Machine
    After waiting a day to get physically examined, checked in, etc, we were free to this astonishing city; that was when we began to worry. Where would we live? What job would my parents and siblings get? Finally, we noticed a stout looking man walking up to us. He introduced himself as Boss Tweed. I didn't understand much of what he was saying, but I'm almost certain I heard he would give us what we needed under one condition; we had to vote for him when the elections arrived, and we fully agreed.
  • Work, Shelter, and My New Life

    Work, Shelter, and My New Life
    It's been a year now, and life in America has been wonderful! Now, I live in Brooklyn where I've found great friends, and a house that is quite comfortable. Ever since the day we met Boss Tweed, we are very thankful for how he helped me and my family settle in the city. My father's work deals with constructing skyscrapers, and my mother opened up a restaurant which is where I, and my 6 other siblings work at now. We own a bakery filled with delicious cuisines of Spain, and the business is great!
  • A Tragic Loss

    A Tragic Loss
    My brother decided to start working with my father on constructing skyscrapers. We thought it was a bad idea, because it was too dangerous, but he insisted on taking the risk. 5 weeks later, my brother and father were late for dinner that night and we were getting worried; that was when we recieved a phone call. It was the police telling us that our father and brother had died at noon by falling off the railings of the construction site. Today is their funeral, and may they rest in peace.
  • Fatal Illness

    Fatal Illness
    Never would I imagine to have such a sudden threat to my life. I am a 28-year old woman, and today I was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Who knew the city's polluted air could have such an effect on me. The doctor informed me it was caught late, and there won't be much time before it progresses. As I sulk in sadness, I look back on the unforgetable times this country has given me and how I should tell my family. My only hope is for them to keep their blissful lives in this country, just as I have.