Irish's life

  • Birth

  • Ellis Island

    When I got to Ellis Island there were alot of people there. I was inspected up and down I hated every second of it. They siad i could not go into the city without inspection they said.
  • Death

    [ellis island]( I was standing in line I saw a official carring out a dead man on a stretcher.That realy scared me when i saw him i never saw dead man before. My mom covered my eyes then so dint see anymore bad stuff. I heard someone talking to my mom about how many deaths take place in Ellis Island. I do not wont to die.
  • American Citezin

    I finnaly got the American citezan pas! Me and my family our offical citezins of America. This guy came and greeted us and asked us if we needed any help with anything. He said he was with Boss tweed who ever that is. I heard he is a very powerful person.
  • America

    [ellis island](Ellis Island Family Histories)Today is when my dad goes to work on the sky scrapers. I was a little scared because i herd that a lot of people had died on working on them. Life in america has been rough in the begging but it's going good know. I am a little worried about going to the "immigrant school" . The house is allitle dirty. All to gether it should be better than Ireland