Irish Immigrant Autobiography

  • My Birthday

    On this day, July 4, 1845, I, Fiona Lynn Patton, was born into this world. I was born in Dublin, Ireland during the Irish Potato Famine.
  • The Move

    Today me and my father, George Patton, are moving from Ireland to a place that is called America. My father doesn't have a job and we are starving to death. My mother died three years ago due to Typhoid Fever, and my older brother, Jonathan, had just died nine days ago due to starvation. My father has sold everything we have ever owned just so we could afford to move. Everyone around here is dying, so we figured it's for the best we move to this new land.
  • Arriving at Ellis Island and New York

    It hs been two days since me and my father have left Dublin. We have finally arrived to this place called Ellis Island. Apparently the Americans do some inspection to make sure you're healthy enough to enter their land, and i guess if you fail this inspection you go back from where you came. After i was inspected, i was seperated from my dad. I'm guessing my dad failed his inspection. I was pushed out the door and put on a boat going to New York. When i got to NY a woman found me and took me in.
  • Seven Years Later

    I am now 13 years old, and I am on my own again. The woman that had taken me in died 3 days ago. I had to get a job in a factory just so i could live in the same house that I do. I live in Pittsburg, PA and i work in a clothing factory. I made a best friend at work, her name is Kira, she's Japenese. Anyways, i came home from work to find everything in my house was gone. I quickly ran to Kira's house and she let me stay there. On my way i was beaten for being me. I just kept running after that.
  • My Death

    I'm still living at Kira's house, it's been 18 years since i moved in with her. I have become sick with what the doctors call Diphtheria. My skin is a bluish color, i feel weak, i can't eat or drink, and i haven't gone to work in 3 weeks. I just started having breathing problems, and Kira isn't home to help me. No one is here to help me. Then at 7:20pm i took my final breath, and passed on.