• Jan 1, 1111


    If the plow was never invented, farming would be a lot harder and time consuming. people would have to spend the whole day farming insead of doing anything else. There lives would be hard to maintain without keeping the farm maintained. the plow is a very important tool.
  • Jun 1, 1111


    Withought the wheel, even if there were tons of goods, transportation of them would be extremely hard, and they would get nowhere. Gatting from point A to point B woould take longer tine then ever. Mant machines would also be imposible withought the wheel.
  • Aug 5, 1430

    Printing press

    Printing press
    Withought the printing press, books would be very expensive and hard to make. with the press, knowlage was now easier to make and easier to obtain. Because knowlage was easier to get, more people could be educated. With more people educated, mor epeople got the knowlage you need to inbent more stuff.
  • Steam engine

    Steam engine
    The steam engine was a amasing idea, it was an easier way to power trains and machines. Transportation of large goods was easier and faster. People could get around faster with steam trains.
  • Refridgerator

    Withought Refridgeration, food would go rotten faster. food could go rotten before its even shiped to the stores. In hot summer days, the food suply would rot, an dmany people would die of starvation and sickness.
  • Lightbulb

    The lightbulb mabe lighting dark things up easier thenever, withought the lightbulb people would have to rely on fire to light stuff up. Fire could spread and become a hazard. The lightbulb ws safer and could be activated at the flick of a switch.
  • Car

    Going to your frieds house or work would take longer withought the car. With the car, you can transport people more freely then you can with the train. Withought the car, you would be late for many things and miss stuff to because you coudnt get there fast enough.
  • Communications

    Withought communications such as the phone, the tv, and the radio, knowlage would take longer to get. It would take weeks to get news from around the world. If ther ewas an emergency, it would be harder to contct the authouaties.
  • Computer

    With the computer, complicted problems are quicker and easier to handle. and data is easier to store. If you need to get something done quick, you could use a computer.
  • Internet

    With the internet so many things are possible, if your lost, you can use map software to find where to go. news is faster and easier to get then ever. you can talk to people states away. withught the internet, many things would be harder to do.