Introductory Timeline

  • Invention of the Lightening Rod

    Benjamin Franklin invented the lightening rod.
  • First threshing machine

  • Start of Industrial Revolution

    The start of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Invention of the Spinning Jenny

    James Hargreaves invents the spinning Jenny
  • Invention of the Steamship

  • British settlement of Australia began

  • Making a Nation

  • Anglo–Maori wars

    British Troops get involved in the Anglo-Maori Wars over in New Zealand
  • Eureka Stockade

    The Eureka Rebellion was a outbreak or war that was between the Gold Diggers/Miners and the English Guards at the Ballarat Gold Fields
  • World War 1

  • Austria declared war on Serbia

    Austria declares waron Serbia in World War 1.
  • Germany declared war on Russia

    Germany Declares War on Russia in World War 1
  • The first Zeppelin raid on Britain took place

    The Germans Zeppelin Rad Britain. A Zeppelin is a German airship