Internet Milestones

By akk003
  • Period: to


  • The First Spam Sent

    Gary Thuerk sent out 400 messages.
  • TCP/IP Proposed

    Internet Protocol Suite also known as the "network of Networks"
  • .com Introduced

    Used for any commercial/ non commercial websites
  • Firs GIF Image released

    Animated vides that loop.
  • www. Proposed

    To assign domain name aliases to servers for common funtions
  • Amazon Opens for Business

    Largest internet based retailer in the US. Started as a bookstore but soon sold DVDs, software, food, and toys.
  • SSL Developed

    Netscape developed the origional SSL protocol.
  • Apache Released

    Most widely used web server software.
  • JavaScript Released

    Created in ten days
  • eBay Opens for Business

    eBay was founded.
  • Arpanet Founded

    The beginning of what we call the internet
  • HotMail Introduced

    Founded by Sabeer Bhatia & Jack Smith, one of first webmail services
    Symbolized freedom from ISP-based mail
  • RSS Created

    Created by Dan Libby and Ramanthan V. Guha at NetScape
    Uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frquently updated information
  • AOL Acquires Time Warner

    AOL buys/merges with Time Warner.
  • iTunes Store Opens

    Media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device manamgent application devolped by Apple.
  • Wikipedia Created

    Created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger
  • Gmail introduced

    Announced in 2004, everyone thought it was an April Fools' joke
    Grew slowly and finally exited beta phase in 2009
  • YouTube Begins

    Video sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, CA. Novemeber 2006, it was bought out by google.