Internet History MrWard

By wardd13
  • Sputnik

    What was Sputnik?
    It came from what country?
    How did it make the USA feel?
    Who was our president at the time?
    What did he do to conteract the effects of Sputnik?
  • ARPA created

    ARPA created.
    What what ARPA?
    Why was it created?
  • Packet Switching Network

    BBN begins to create first Packet Switching Network.
    What is a Packet Switching Network and how does it work.
    Link to explanation.
    <a href='' target="_blank">Follow this link to learn about Packet Switching</a>
    Note: Adding target="_blank" to the HTML of a link causes it to open in a seperate window or tab.
    [a href="" target="_blank"]link[/a]
  • Bob Taylor

    Bob Taylor was in charge of the Computer Division for ARPA.
    How did he change what ARPA was doing with computers that started the process to create the ARPANet which eventually became the Internet?
  • First ARPANet connections

    How many computers were connected for the first use of the ARPANet and where were they?
  • Ray Tomlinson

    What did Ray Tomlinson invent?
    How did it change how people used the ARPANet?
  • DNS

    What is DNS and how did it change how the Internet could be used.
  • Size of the Internet

    Add several dates in the timeline to show how many computers, servers, websites etc. were on the internet.
    i.e. Show how the internet grows from 1969 to the present.
  • Tim Berners-Lee

    Who was Tim Berners-Lee and what did he create?
    How did it effect how the Internet could be used?
  • Rick Boucher

    Who was Congressman Rick Boucher and what changes in laws conserning the Internet did he change?
  • MOSAIC - Marc Andreeson

    What was MOSAIC, who created it?
    How did it change the way people could use the Internet?
  • Modern Internet

    Add several more dates and events that have made the Internet into the resource we all use today.