• ARPANET founded

    ARPANET created in retaliation to Russia launching the first satellite Sputnik I, into space.
  • ARPANET online

    Packet-switching network created by Dept. of Defense for projects and research. Founded in 1957 but offline for 12 years
  • CYCLADES (France)

    Explored alternatives to ARPANET design; supported a more research-based platform. Business model became instrumental to the design of the internet we have today.
  • Period: to

    ARPANET branches out

    ARPANET disbanded over several years to various department-specific networks: MILNET, NIPRNET, SIPRNET, CSNET, NSFNET
  • ARPANET dies

    PSINet, Alternet, CERFNet, etc. offering Commercial Internet eXchange, Metropolitan Area Exchanges, and Network Access Points as new network connections
  • "Archie" search engine invented

    The first search engine, "Archie," is created to aid in indexing the pre-WWW.
  • Congress passes Scientific and Advanced-Technology Act

    Permits NSFNET to allow education-centred communities permission to computer networks.
  • Independent management implemented

    Internet is reorganized to act under independent management under ISOC and ICANN.
  • "Google" invented.

    "Google," arguably the most used search engine, is invented.
  • Wi-Fi popularized

    While the idea of wireless internet dates back to 1985, the term "Wi-Fi" wasn't coined until 1999, also widely accepted as the year that wireless internet became less of a dream and more of a reality.