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    internet timelne

  • arpanet

    Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
    The first data exchange over this new network occurred between computers at UCLA and Stanford Research Institute. On their first attempt to log into Stanford's computer by typing "log win", UCLA researchers crashed their computer when they typed the letter 'g'.
    Four computers were the first connected in the original ARPAnet. They were located in the respective computer research labs of UCLA (Honeywell DDP 516 computer), Stanford Research Institute (SDS
  • Newsgroups, bulletin boards

    Newsgroups, bulletin boards
    late 1970's
  • e-mail

  • International packet switched service

    International packet switched service
  • TCP/IP protocol, National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • Domain name addressing system

    Domain name addressing system
  • 10,000 hosts

    10,000 hosts
  • First commercial dialup

  • Search engines

    Search engines
  • World Wide Web, CERN

    World Wide Web, CERN
  • First widely used browser (Mosaic)

    First widely used browser (Mosaic)
  • Word ‘Internet’ in daily use

  • 10 million users

  • Dotcom bubble burst

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Twitter