International Organizations, Aliances and Agreements

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    International Organizations, Alliances & Agreements

  • Alliance

    Germany, Itly, and Austria Hungary form an alliance
  • Alliance

    Britan, France, and Russia form alliance
  • Alliance

    U.S joins Triple Entente as Russia backs out
  • Agreement

    Treaty of Versailles
    -Germany to take blame for war
    -give up its weapons,ships,and planes
    -forced to pay for war
  • International Organization

    The league of nations is formed to improve world health, working conditions, and stop ant other wars from happening
  • agreement

    Germany attacks Russia breaking the Nazi-Soviet pact
  • agreement

    Nazi-Soviet Pact where Germany and Russia Agreed not to attack each other
  • International Organisation

    NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Agreement

    NAFTA is formed North American Free Trade Agreement