Information on Me!

By Lacy66
  • When I was Born!!!!

    Well im going to start by telling you about my life and most of the good and bad that has happened to me. First im going to start by telling you when and where I was born. I was born on June 17,1998 at Pickens County Medical Center. I was a big baby I was almost 10 pounds!!!! Dang I was a huge baby!!!
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    My Life

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    My life

  • 1 year Old!!

    Well I really dont remember what all happened to me or what I was doing at the age of one lol so there really isnt much that I can say about when I was an 1 year Old.
  • When I turned 4 y/o!!

    I remeber this like it was yesterday. I had this big party and all my headstart friends where there. We ate cake, ice sream, and candy. We had so much fun and energy back then lol I wonder where it all went to know. When I turned 4 I also started my first year in headstart.
  • August

    This was the day I first started going to headstart. I was nervous at first because I havent seen anyone since my birthday party. I soon got ajusted to them again and we all became good friends. I am still friends with the people I went to headstart with and that has been 10 whole years.
  • My First Graduation!!!

    Well this is when i first graduated headstart. It was fun to walk across the small stage and get my diploma. Also I really started to realize who my friends and family were. This also is when we were getting ready to start Kindegarden!!!!
  • My First Year at CUS!!!

    I started my first of school at Carrollton Unit School. My teacher was Mrs.Williams. She was one of the best teacher that I have ever had since I been in school. I passed Kindegarden with all Es which means Excelled.
  • 5th Grade

    This was my fifth grade year and I was and I still am a very smart student. I won lots of awards for being smart and also doing what was right most of the time. I won 35 awards in all for my 5th grade year and I also won a bike. Mrs.Yates was my teacher then and she also is one of my favorite teachers that has talt me.
  • 6th Grade

    This was the best year of school that I had at CUS. This was my last year here before I came to PCHS. But anyway I was still a good student. My teacher was Mrs.Wilkins. She was a very fun teacher. This year I won alot more awards and I even got trophes, money and other pizes. I also was 11 years old then.
  • Me Now!!!

    Well now I am in the 9th grade and I am working on getting my Advanced Diploma. I am not a troubled child and I am still smart. I also am 14 years old now. I plan to attend The University of Alabama and become a Dentist. I also plan to own my own dentist office and do the best that I can while I have it.
  • 10th Grade

    I will be in the tenth grade!!!!!!!!
  • Seinor Year!!!!!!!!!

    This is the BIGGEST day of my life the day when I graduate from Pickens County High School!!!!!! I will miss the people here I will not miss the Work.......
  • Freshman

    I will now start college and go to Dental School so I can make my dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!