Influence On Australia's Food

  • Period: to

    Food In Australia

  • United Kingdom

    Methods of Farming:
    - Cattle - Vegetables - Pastoral - Hortecultural

    - Mixed Farming - Market Gardening Ingredients:
    - Pastry - Breads - Scones - Margerine/Butter

    - Baked Beans - Meat - Fruit - Vegetables
  • Italian's Migration to Australia

    After World War 2 ended, many of the Italians and Europeans in general migrated to Australia to begin a new life. The Europeans bought many items and skills to Australia such as:
    - Pasta - Tomatoes - Egg Plant - Parsley
    - Flour - Olive Oil - Basil
    - Sun-Drying - Utencils - Kneading
    - Sauce Making
  • Gold Rush, Chinese Immigration

    The gold rush in Australia provided a great opportunity for the Chinese people to temporarily move out, search for gold and to make some money. The Chinese brought many of their foods and ingredients with them, but this was apparent when the fields slowly ran out of gold. To gain more money the people decided to open stores and bring in their own produce.
  • Other Asian Foods and Flavours

    After the Vietnam War many different cultured resturants like Vietnamese, Malaysian, Japanese, Thai and Indonesian. Not long after the boom in food culture the traditional European resturantsx started to use some of the asian style ingredients to create more interesting and different kinds of food.
  • Fast, Avaliable Travel = Bigger Culture

    Beacuse travelling to Australia was easier and more convinient this meant that lots of people came to Australia and invested their culture of food. As more people came, the outlook of food changed and the people in Australia began to demand lighter and healthier meals. This is where low fat milk and butter instead of margerine came from.
  • My Food Habits

    Ever since I was younger I have had a strange addiction to salad. Any type of salad which doesn't include seafood I've tried it and most likely enjoyed it. It affects my lifestyle in that sometimes I'm defficient in certain things because it's not that I don't eat meat it's that I would choose salad over meat. I think the habit began when I was in about year 3. I had quite a bad self-esteem and I decided to take this crazy diet which was only eating salad, even though I hated it at the time.