industrial Revolution-Australia

  • Start of the Industrial Revclution

    Early stages of the Industrial Revolution
  • Coal was Discovered

    Coal was discovered by the Europeans in Australia, Hunter River, New South Wales
  • First Coalmine In australia

    First coalmine was established in the Hunter River
  • Newcastle was Named

    Governor King set a permanant settlement and named it Newcastle
  • Period: to

    Feul was created by seawater

    Local coal was used to boil seawater and created feul.
  • NSW first steam engine was shipped

    The first steam engine was shipped to New South Whales
  • Argument between Simeon Lord and Governor Macquarie

    Simeon Lord entered into an argument with Governor Macquarie to mill dye and dress cloth female factory in Parramatta
  • Intruction of more steam engines

    From 1825,26 and 29 more steam engines were introduced.
  • The Sophia Jane

    The first paddle steamer to regulary operate in Australian watwers was the Sophia Jane. The Sophia Jane arrived in sydney and was built in England.
  • The Suprises' first voyage

    The Sophia Jane was having its paddles fitted so it was ready for it maiden voyage. Meanwhile the Suprise another steamer voyaged from Sydney to Parramatta on the 1st of June
  • Australian Agricultural Company's Newcastle Coalmine

    There were 6 engines including one at the Australian agricultural Company's Newcastle Coalmine.
  • 7 mills

    In New South Whales there wer 7 mills
  • 36 engines

    By 1840 there were 26 engines in flourmills and 10 in other industries.
  • Sydney Engineering Foundry

    Peter Russel took over the 1st Sydney Engineering foundry establishement in Australia which was a significant event in the industrialisation of Australia.
  • Tweeds

    People were dressed in Tweeds made in Paramatta
  • Textile Factory

    in Blackwattle Bay, Sydney a textile factory was established.
  • Iron and Steel Smelting

    Iron and Steel smelting had its first attem at establishing in near Nittagong New South Whales
  • other types of steam engines

    the horizontal engineer began to supplant all other kinds of steam engines.
  • Gol Rush

    The Gold rushes of 1851 in both New South Wales and Victoria not only brought wealth but also an increase in population. Sydney and Melbourne suddenly became growing cities, with buildings to rival those in other parts of the world.
  • Steamship Services

    Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Morton Bay, Adelaide and Tasmania had steamship services running between ports.
  • wollen cloth

    235000 yards per annum of wollen cloth was the out put
  • Victoria's first railway

    In Victoria, the first railway line in Australia opened between melbourne's Fliners Street Station and Port Melbourne, then called Sandridge
  • Horse Drawn railway at the Murray River

    While South Australia had in 1854 a horse drawn railway operating at the mouth of the Murray River, the first line carrying steampoweredtrains opened between Adelaide and Port Adelaide.
  • founding the institute of engineers

    An important role was played by Peter Russel in founding the institute of engineers.
  • Enployment Grew

    The in employment in factories grew massivly with 1000 in 1877 and 2000 in 1895 to 1900
  • First Railway in Queensland

    The first railway in Queensland ran from Ipswich inland to to Grandchester using rthe narrow 1067 millimetre gauge. The system was extended furthert o the Darling Downs beforebeing connected with Brisbane.
  • Smelting Plant Closed

    For Economical reasons, the smelting plant was closed.
  • Railway in the Northern Territory became operational

    In the Northern Territory a railway between Darwin and Pine Creek (253 km) became operational
  • ACT branch line opened

    In the Australian Capital Territory, a 10 kilometre branch line opened between Queanbeyan, NSW, and Canberra.