Indigenous Rights movement

  • The Warburton Ranges

    In Western Australia in the late 50's the Commonwealth was testing atomic weapons in the desert, the Aboriginal nomads were becoming ill because of this. It interrupted the animals' habits, of which they relied on to hunt and therefore feed their family. Some investigations were done, which mislead the public into thinking that all was well. Some activists filmed the real conditions which shocked the public.
  • The Warburton Ranges cont.

    Western Australia had appealed for help, but the Commonwealth Government said it was a state issue. There was a referendum which declared that Aborigenes affairs were a federal responsibilty. This led to campaigns which at a later date had Torres Strait Islanders seen as distinct people.
  • Australian Freedom Rides

    Sydney University students formed a group called the Student Action for Aboriginals, which traveled into New South Wales country towns. They discovered the horrible ways that Aborigines were treated, such as being segregated. They spent many hours outside of sights of segregation protesting for their rights.
  • Uluru

    On the 26th of October 1985, Uluru was officially handed back to the local Aborigines.
  • Kevin Rudd

    In 2008, the current Prime Minister of Australia; Kevin Rudd, formally apologised to the Stolen Generation on the behalf of Australia.