India's Revolution Over the Years

  • British East India Company begins trading with India, along with other companies.

  • Sepoy rebellion begins and is suppressed several months later.

  • British East Indian Company is dissolved, and control is transferred over to the king, making India a colony of Britain.

  • Gandhi is Born

  • Upper-class Indians begin requesting fairer treatment, and are denied. Many support independence from Britain

  • Gandhi returns from England to India

  • Gandhi supports the villages of Champaran and Kheda, is arrested for 1st time.

  • The Indian National Congress makes Gandhi its leader

  • Gandhi begins mass civil disobedience tactics.

  • Gandhi calls off mass civil disobedience when violence began.

  • Gandhi is Tried and arrested for sedition.

  • Gandi is Releaced From Jail.

  • Period: to

    Salt March Takes Place

  • Gandhi-Irwin pact signed, agreed to free all political prisoners for suspension of the civil disobedience movement.

  • World War II begins

  • Gandhi arrested for the fourth time

  • Resolution of Revolution

    In the year 1943, both the British and Gandhi called off the struggle for power over India. Gandhi dissolved the Quit India movement, a strong movement made to remove Britain from India, and the British officially handed over all of India's powers to the Indian government.
    However, the Muslims of India wanted a separate Muslim state, the future Pakistan and Bangladesh, after independence from Britain. Gandhi opposed this, but the government eventually took off Bangladesh and Pakistan from India,
  • India Gains Independace

  • Pakistan is separated from India, becomes independent country.

  • Gandhi is assassinated