India's Path to Independence PABLO MORALES

  • India's First War for Independence

    This started by a small group of soldiers revolting and then it led to major civilian revolts
  • Liquidation of the EIC

    In this date there was an act passed by the british parliament that the East India Company will be removed.
  • Death of Ghandi's Father

    Karamchand Gandhi died by a sickness.
  • Sexual Activity

    Ghandi ended with his sexual activity
  • End of War

    WW1 is finally over
  • Amistar Massacre

    British troops shoot many Indian protesters.
  • Non-Cooperation

    Ghandi sets forward the plan to start with non-cooperation
  • Arrested

    Ghandi is arrested for sedition
  • India's Independence

    Ghandi posts the India's Independence
  • Warning

    Ghandi warns the Viceroy that he will break the salt laws
  • Salt March

    Ghandi leads the salt march to the sea
  • Untouchables

    Ghandi starts protesting for the better treatment of the untouchables.
  • 1st for Independence

    First movement for Independence is done which is the government of India Act passes British Parliament and is implemented in India.
  • WW2

    World War 2 Begins
  • Lord Mountbatten

    Lord Mountbatten comes to India to establish the Independence and the partition.
  • Official Independence

    India's Independence is now official and there is a separation of countries which are: India
  • Ghandis Death

    Ghandi is assasinated by a hindu nationalist.
  • Chaos

    India is now a chaos because all the hindus and muslims are migrating to the borders of India and Pakistan