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India's Movement for Independence

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    Indian Independence Movement

    Indian Indepence
  • Gandhi to England

    Gandhi to England
    When Gandhi was 19 he went to England to study law. When he returned to India, he tried to set up his own law practice but soon joined an Indian law firm in South Africa.
  • Gandhi in South Africa

    Gandhi in South Africa
    He faught laws that discriminated against Indians in South Africa. In South Africa he began the civil disobedience. He did this for 20 years, and then in 1914 he returned to India to join the Congress party. His ideas inspired Indians of all religions and ethnic background and encouraged them to resist british rule.
  • Protests of Civil Disobedience

    Protests of Civil Disobedience
    A large and peaceful crowd jammed into a walled field in Amristar for protest against British rule.
  • Arrival of Mohandas Gandhi

    Arrival of Mohandas Gandhi
    Gandhi becomes a leader and unites all Indians behind the drive for independence.
  • Civil Disobedience

    Civil Disobedience
    Gandhi launched a series of non-violent actions against British rule. He called for boycotts against British goods.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    He set out to end the British salt monopoly. Early in 1930 Gandhi wrote to the British explaining his motives and goals. He started his intentions to break the law.
  • Gandhi Begins his Mission

    Gandhi Begins his Mission
    He set out on a 240 mile march to the sea, as he passed through villages crowds listened to Gandhi preach about the things in which he thought. They prayed for the protest sucess and some even joined the march.
  • Salt March continued...

    Salt March continued...
    Gandhi waited into the surf and picked up a lump of sea salt. He urged Indians to follow his lead. Gandhi got arrested but the coastal villages began collecting salt. As Gandhi's campaign gained force ten's of thousands Idians were dragged to prison as well.
  • Seperate Muslim State

    Seperate Muslim State
    During the 1930's the Muslim league gained an able leader in Muhammed Ali Jinnah. He had views similar to Gandhi, and he threw his idea of support for sepearate state for Muslims.
  • WWII Begins

    WWII Begins
    India was moving toward independence when a new world war exploded in 1939. Indian leaders became frustrated with Britain for postponing action for Indian Independence and bringing India into the war without consulting them.
  • WWII Ends

    WWII Ends
    When the war ended in 1945, indeoendence for India could no long be delayed. But a new tradgedy unfolded as Hindu Muslim violence raged on the India sub-continent.
  • Indian Independence

    Indian Independence
    Gandhi's campaign slowly gained support, and the British agreed to hand over some power over to the Indians. Complete independence was acheived in 1947, 1 year before the death od Gandhi in 1948
  • Two States

    Two States
    In 1947, British officials drew borders to create Hindu, India, and Musim Pakistan. Pakistan was made up of two widely seperated areas that had large Muslim population
  • Tragedy Unfolds

    Tragedy Unfolds
    Millions of Hindus and Muslims crossed the borders of India and Pakistan in both directions. Hindu and ikh mobs massacred Muslims fleeing into Pakistan. Muslims slaughtered Hindu and Sikh neighbors.
  • Gandhi is Killed

    Gandhi is Killed
    Gandhi was shopt and killed by a Hindu extremist. Gandhi's death discredited the extremist, and helped end the worst violence.