Mohandas karamchand mahatma gandhi

India's journey to Independence

  • Sepion Mutiny

    Sepion Mutiny
    Indian sepoys rebelled against the East India company and captured Delhi.
  • British Command

    British Command
    British took command of India and promised to respect East India Company.
  • National Congress

    National Congress
    Indian National Congress was formed by Allan Octavian Hume, it concentrated on specific concerns for Indians.
  • Gandhi gained followers

    Gandhi gained followers
    Gandhi gained followers by the actions of non-violence he did to Independence themselves from the British. He founded the Natal Indian Congress and opposed a bill to deny Indians right to vote.
  • British division

    British division
    Nationalists were aftected by the partition of Bengal, so British divided it into a Hindu section and a Muslim section.
  • Growth in new nationalism group

    Growth in new nationalism group
    There was growth in nationalism leading to new group, Muslims League. Gandhi organized a satyagraha campaign of peaceful non-cooperation to protest the law that required the registration and fingerprinting of all Indians living in the Transvaal.
  • Gandhi arrested

    Gandhi arrested
    Gandhi was arrested for the first time in Africa
  • Gandhi returns

    Gandhi returns
    Gandhi returns home from Africa
  • Indian troops return

    Indian troops return
    Indian troops returned back home from war. They expected British to fulfill its promise, but instead they were treated as a second class.
  • Rowlatt laws

    Rowlatt laws
    British passed the Rowlatt laws, that allowed the government to put in jail protesters without a trail for as long as two years. Amritsar Massacre war happened with the British against the India. British killed many indian families, many people were injured.
  • Civil Disobedience

    The congress party declared the civil disobedience, the deliberate and public refusal to obey an unjust law and non violence, that meant to being able to achieve independence. Gandhi’s position in congress had strengthened.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Gandhi organized a demonstration to defy the hated salt acts. The British laws stated that Indians could not buy salt from no to other place than the government, they also had to pay sales tax on salt.
  • Hunger Strike

    Hunger Strike
    Hunger strike in India to support a new Indian constitution
  • Gandhi through India

    Gandhi started traveling through India getting to know how it was all like.
  • India Act

    British parliament passed the government of India Act that provided local self government and limited democratic elections, but not total independence.
  • Gandhi finished traveling

    Gandhi finished his journey through India.
  • Quit India

    Gandhi took action in the Quit India campaign as he declared India's independence from British rule. Gandhi was arrested for his subversive actions and decisions made.
  • India gains Independence

    India gains independence from Britain Empire and divides into two different countries based on religion, India and Pakistan.
  • Gandhi is killed

    Gandhi is killed
    Gandhi is killed by a man that shot him when he was greeting him. Many people gathered and attended the funeral.