Indian Nationalism + independence P3 socials Burns - Sofia Garcia

By Sofia G
  • Indian rebellion

    Indian rebellion
    Indian cavalry fight against growing influence of the British East India Company
  • Surrender of the Bahadur Shah II

    British forces capture Delhi - though there was still fighting, the surrender of the Shah indicates that India is practically under control of the East India Company.
  • Government of India Act

    Territory under control of the East India Company is transferred and is now under direct control of the british crown.
  • Birth of Mahatma Gandhi

    Birth of Mahatma Gandhi
    Gandhi is born in Porbandar
  • Congress Party formed

    Congress Party formed
    Lawyers gather in Bombay to create the party that will continue to work to liberate India.
  • Gandhi creates term for non-violence

    He calls it "satyagraha"
  • All-India Muslim League formed

    All-India Muslim League formed
    The League will continue fighting for the freedom of India for years to come.
  • First act of civil disobedience

    All Indians must be registered according to South African Law, Gandhi and others refuse
  • Marches in Natal and Transvaal

    Gandhi urges Indians in South Africa to march against racial discrimination
  • Satyagraha ashram

    Satyagraha ashram
    Gandhi creates a communal farm where people of all walks of life can live
  • Armistice day

    Britiush troops return home, expecting a reward for having served.
  • Rowlett Act

    This law was approved by the legislators, allowing the British government to detain protesters without a trial.
  • Armitsar massacre

    Armitsar massacre
    British troops open fire on civilians protesting in Armitsar
  • Gandhi begins hunger strike

    Gandhi cannot believe that people have been violent, and begins a hunger strike to call for non-violence throughout India.
  • Independence of India

    Gandhi publishes his declaration of Independence for India
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Mohandas Gandhi sets off on a protest where people will walk 200 miles and make their own salt (to protest the British monopoly)
  • Govt of India Act (part 2)

    This act granted a large degree of autonomy to the Indian provinces, and assured self-government
  • Gandhi fasts again

    Gandhi is imprisoned and fasts to protest crown rule over India
  • Indian Independence

    Indian Independence
    The partition of India breaks away from the British empire
  • Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi

    Gandhi is assassinated by Nathuran Godse, a Hindu nationalist that was unhappy with how Gandhi treated Muslims well