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Indian Nationalism And Independence Timeline

  • 1857

    Sepoy Mutiny, Hindus and Muslims took over the city of Delhi and continued their rebellion to Central India and Northern parts.
  • 1858

    British government takes direct command of India. And Raj is the name of the British rule after India came under the British crown.
  • 1869

    October 2, Mohandas Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India
  • 1876

    Gandhi moves with his family to Rajkot, India
  • 1883

    Gandhi gets married at the age of thirteen to Kasturba Makanji
  • 1885

    The first meeting of the Indian National Congress is being made in Bombay.
  • 1888

    Gandhi sails to England so that he can study law
  • 1891

    Gandhi returns to India and begins to practice law
  • 1893

    Gandhi accepts a job in South Africa
  • 1903

    Gandhi decides to open a law office in Johannesberg,South Africa
  • 1906

    This is the important year in which the formation of the Muslim League is formed.
  • 1918

    Indian troops return home from the war and afterwards are lied. Hindus protested so the British passed the Rowlatt Acts but those acts lead the government to jail protesters without trial for as long as 2 years.
  • 1919

    In this year the protest of the Rowlatt Acts occurs. Around 10,000 Muslims and Hindus went to Amritsar which is a big city in Punjab. The Amritsar Massacre occurs as well in which soldiers fired at Hindus and Muslims that pray and listen to speeches. 1,200 were injured and 400 were killed.
  • 1920

    Mahatma Gandhi leads the Indian National Congress. As well that same year there is the Non-cooperation Movement.
  • 1922

    After a big trial, Gandhi is sentenced to six years in jail (March 1922-January 1924)
  • 1930

    There is still Civil Disobedience Movement throughout the country, Salt Satyagraha occurs in this year-Gandhi's Dandi March. And last but not least the First Round Table Conference also occurs in 1930.
  • 1935

    The Government of India would receive in this year the Royal Assent. This Royal Assent would provide self government and limited democratic elections. Even though it was not total independence yet.
  • 1947

    In this year The British House of Commons passed and act on July 16, 1947 to create two independent nations, India and Pakistan. Government workers and common people had to decide which country to join and this cause violence between different groups.
  • 1948

    In January 30th Gandhi is killed in the capital of India Delhi by an Hindu extremist. He killed him because he thought Gandhi was defending Muslims too much.