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Indian Independence Movement

  • Ram Mohun Roy

    Ram Mohun Roy
    Ram Mohun Roy was the first to argue that Indians should have the same rights as Europeans.He wrote books and opene his own schools to help spread his ideas.
  • Period: to

    Sepoy Rebellion

    This started the independence movement of India.British advancing their technology with new riffle carriages.Which was greases with animal(pig)fat.This was against Hindu religion to eator taste.British forced indian to fire and they go mad one Indian stood out and revolted .It was all not knowing the local customs.
  • Indian National Congress

     Indian National Congress
    Indian National Congress popular organization made by english speaking Indians most of them were hindu.
  • Partition of Bengal

    Partition of Bengal
    The First Partition of Bengal takes place.The British government divided Bengal into separate Hindu and Muslim sections
  • Muslim League

    Muslim League
    Muslim League is formed.All India Muslim League was the success of an independent country where Muslims could increase according to Islam
  • Amritsar Massacre

    Amritsar Massacre
    The cruel Jallianwalla Bagh massacre takes place due to protests against the Rowlatt Act.Bristish attacked many innocent.General Dyer opend fire Officially 375 people died and over a 1000 were injured.
  • Non-cooperation movement and the Leader

    Non-cooperation movement and the Leader
    In this movement, people refused to follow the orders of the British government. This was a peaceful way to deal with the British and their unfair laws. For example:- people started making their own clothes and stopped buying British goods.Mohandas Gandhi became the leader of the Indian independence movement and the Indian National Congress.
  • Dandi march (salt march)

    Dandi march (salt march)
    Gandhiji begin a march to boycott British tax on salt. In the movement, he and some million people walked many hundred miles to go to the sea. There they made their own salt and broke the British law.
  • Creation of Pakistan

    Creation of Pakistan
    Muhammad Ali Jinnah demanded that a new country be formed from India for the Muslims, which would be called Pakistan.Muhammad Ali opposed Gandhi's actions
  • Indian National Congress demands British withdrawal

    Indian National Congress demands British withdrawal
    The Indian National Congress passed a pledge mission for an end to British control. Gandhi prompts the Quit India movement, sponsoring peaceful civil disobedience.
  • India gets Independence

    India gets Independence
    on 3rd June 1947 British and Indian leaders agreed to divide the country into India and Pakistan.On 15 August 1947 India became independent.
  • Gandhi was assassinated

    Gandhi was assassinated
    Gandhi was assassinated by an Hindu who blamed gandhi responsible for separation of India and Pakistan.
  • First Prime Minister

    First Prime Minister
    A new Indian Constitution was authorized and Jawaharlal Nehru became the Indian first prime minister