Indian Independence

  • Gandhi was born

    Into a middle class family in India.
  • Becomes a lawyer

    Goes to england to study law.
  • Goes to Africa

    Goes to Africa for 20 years fighiting laws that discriminated against indians in south Africa.
  • Ghandi Returns to India

    Ghandi returned to India and joined their congress.
  • Armitsar Massacre

    General Reginald Dyer arrived with 50 soilders to clear the dield nu opening fire on unarmed people.
  • Non-Violence

    Launched series of non violent actions against british rule; boycotts against british goods of textile and urged indians to wear cotton.
  • End of Salt March

    Gandhi waded into the surf and picked up a lump of Sea Salt. Which ended up getting him put in jail.
  • Salt March

    To mobilize mass support, he offered a daring challenge to Britain, to set out to end the British salt monopoly. Gandhi went on the march with 78 people and as he walked through the cities more and more people ended up joining him. By then end of the march thousands of people were with him
  • Occupy Salt

    When people tried to occupy a government saltworks, which ended up embarrassing the British government officials who took pride in their government.
  • Separate Muslim States

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted to create a different state so that all of the muslims could be seperated from the hindus.
  • Start Of World War I

    Britain made India postpone further action on independence and join the war without even asking them.
  • Violence Against Religions.

    Hindu-Muslim violence raged on in the Indian subcontinent.
  • World War II Ends

    World War II was over and independence could no longer be delayed until a tragedy unfolded between the Hindu-Muslims.
  • Independence

    On 3 June 1947, Viscount Louis Mountbatten, the last British Governor-General of India, announced the partitioning of British India into India and Pakistan.
  • Two States

    Leader of the Muslim League, Muhammad Ali Jinnah insisted that Muslims got their own state, Pakistan. That resulted in riots between the Muslims and the Hindus.
  • Ghandi Dies

    Gandhi was shot while he was walking to a platform from which he was to address a prayer meeting. Hindu extremist Jawaharlal Nehru sot Gandhi.