India prayer

India Timeline

  • Akbar dies and is succeeded by his son Jahangir

  • Shah Jahan succeeds Jahangir and builds the world famous Taj Mahal

  • Aurangzeb dies, destabilizing the Mughal Empire

  • A famine kills ten million people in Bengal and the East India Company does nothing to help them

  • British defeat Tipu Sultan

  • Administration of Mysore is taken over by East India Company

  • Railway, postal services & telegraph line introduced in India

  • First War of Indian Independence also known as Revolt of 1857 or Sepoy Mutiny

  • British Crown officially takes over the Indian Government

  • Queen of England is proclaimed as the Empress of India

  • Muslim League is formed

  • The Imperial capital shifted to Delhi from Calcutta

  • The cruel Jallianwalla Bagh massacre takes place due to protests against the Rowlatt Act

  • Chauri-Chaura violence takes place due to Civil Disobedience Movement

  • Second Round Table Conference takes place and Irwin-Gandhi Pact is signed