India History Timeline

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    India Timeline

  • Amritsar Massacre

    About 10,000 people gathered in the garden in the city of Amritsar. Everyone, including women and children, were there to peacefully protest and none of them were armed. The british General told his men to open fire. The innocent people were trapped, 400 were killed and 1,000 were very injured.
  • Gandhi became the leader of the India independence movement and the Indian National Congress

    Ganhi who is k nown to be the father of India became the leader of several movements against Britain. He fought with non-violence and was put in jail many times because of standing up for his country.
  • Gandhi's Salt March

    Gandhi began the salt march against the British, he marched with non-violence on a 240 mile march demanding to be able to make salt without paying taxes. He broke the salt making laws at 6:30 pm, several hundreds who walked with him, including Gandhi, were thrown in jail.
  • Britain gave India independence

    After WWII, Britain is now getting tired because of the war. They decided to discontinue control of restless India. In'dia's independence day is celebrated on the 15th of August every year.
  • Election commission is established

    A constitutional body of India that administers major electorial processes. Because of this Election Commission free and fair elecctions hve taken place.
  • Maharashta State Electricity Board is formed

    An Electricity board that is state owned opened under section 5 of the electricity supply act.
  • Maharashtra Pollution Board Control Board

    Controls a range of enviornmental legislation in Maharashtra, India. It is mainly responsible for water and air pollution.
  • Indira Gandhi and her congress party splinter group were put back into power

    Indria's oldest son was put as Prime Minister, at the age of 40. Making himself the youngest Prime Minister ever.
  • Food Poisoning kills 450 people

    450 were killed from food poisoning at an engagement part in Uttar Pradesh
  • Bomb Explodes in market

    A landmine explodes in a food market in Kashmir killing 15 people