Independent Reading #1 "Shadow Of The Giant" by Orson Scott Card

Timeline created by Hilda8cRobert
  • Chapter 1 "Mandate of Heaven"

    A man named Han Tzu is on the run and meets up with a person named Mazer Rackham, who gives him a weapon called "Mandate of Heaven". They went separate ways as Han Tzu meets up with the Chinese emperor called White Tiger, who had the intention of hiring Han Tzu. Both had disagreements and as White Tiger's bodyguards had betrayed him and pledged their loyalty to Han Tzu, they overthrew the other people loyal to White Tiger making Han Tzu the new Chinese Emperor.
  • Chapter 2 "Mother

    Introduces one of the many mothers in the world who bears an embryo carrying, the main character, Bean's genes. The mother was named Randi as she divorces her husband knowing how precious her child is, well it wasn't even her child in the first place. Every child with Bean's genes will grow smarter than humans.
  • Chapter 3 "Coup"

    Peter Wiggin, brother of Ender Wiggin(who was the main character of previous books), had taken Petra, who was Bean's lover, to meet Alai the current Caliph of the Muslims. They consult how his government was in control by, not the Caliph, but the people "working" for the Caliph. Making Alai more aware and does something about it as Caliph.
  • Chapter 4 "Bargain"

  • Chapter 5 "Shiva

  • Chapter 6 "Evolution"

  • Chapter 7 "An Offer"

  • Chapter 8 "Ender"

  • Chapter 9 "Pension"