Important people

By Bronx4
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    denied the existence of innate ideas, suggested that the heart is the seat of mental processes
  • Francis Bacon

    He came up with the scientific method. This year he published Proficiency and The Advancement of Learning
  • Rene Descartes

    French philosopher and mathematician who proposed mind-body interactsion and the doctrine of innate ideas, publishes a Discourse on Method
  • John Locke

    British philosopher who rejected Descartes' notion of innate ideas and insisted that the mind at birth is a 'blank slate', publishes An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, which stresses empiricism over speculation
  • Charles Darwin

    publishes ON the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, synthesizing much previous work on the theory of evolution, including that of Herbert Spencer, who coined the phrase "surivival of the fittest"
  • G Stanley Hall

    recieves from Harvard University's Department of PHilosophy the first U.S. Ph. D degree based on psychological research
  • Wilhelm Wundt

  • Dorthea Dix

    she created the first American Mental Asylums
  • William James

    Harvard University philosopher and psychologist, publishes The Principles of Psychology describing psychology as "the science of mental life"
  • G. Stanley Hall

    spearheads the founding of American Psychologial Association (APA) and becomes its first president.
  • Margret Floy Washburn

    first woman to earn a Ph.D in psychology
  • Mary Whiton Calkins

    becomes the first woman president of the APA
  • E.B. Titchner

    coined term 'empathy'
  • Rosalie Rayner

    report conditioning a fear reaction in a child called "little Albert"
  • Plato

    believed in innate ideas, suggests that the brain is the seat of mental processes