Important Events In Greek History

  • 2100 BCE

    The first Greek speaking people arrive in Greece

    They arrived in the southern tip of the Balkan peninsula,
  • 776 BCE

    The first ever Olympic games is held

    These Olympic games occurred during a religious festival honoring the Greek god Zeus.
  • 700 BCE

    The city of Athens is formed

    Athens later became the capital city of Greece
  • 507 BCE

    Athens becomes a Democracy

    It was the first-ever Democracy in history
  • 490 BCE

    Persia attacks Greece, but is defeated at the Battle of Marathon

    This invasion was ordered by the Persian King Darius the Great, to punish the cities of Athens and Eretria
  • 447 BCE

    The Parthenon is built 

    This was the centre of religious life in the city of Athens
  • 404 BCE

    Athens at war with Sparta. Sparta defeats Athens

    Sparta declared war on Athens to "Liberate Greece from Athenian oppression"
  • 334 BCE

    Alexander the Great rules Greece, and defeats Persia, Syria, Egypt and Afghanistan, but dies at the age of 32

    Alexander the Great died from a sickness, but there are many speculations that he was poisoned.
  • 320 BCE

    Alexander the Greats Empire is divided, ending the Great Age of Greece

    Alexander the Great's generals divided the conquered land amongst themselves.