Immigration/Migration of Peoples in 1750-1900

  • Pregnancy Help

    After 1750, improvement in the medical field made it able to take care of pregnant women. Introducing maternity beds, anaesthetics, etc. This led to a rise in birth rate.
  • Egyptian Cotton Industry

    Egyptian cotton became popular due to Europeans inability to produce enough of it.
  • Chaterine II Reign

    Chatherine II expands Russian boundaries to Central Europe and Black Sea during the age of Russian Enlightenment
  • American Revoluiton

    Lasted about eight years and brought the Declaration of Indepenendance.
  • Australia is discovered

    Australia is discovered, and the US begins to transport convicts to Australia.
  • Haitian war

    Haitians led a war for freedom and became an independent nation as well as a part of the US.
  • New South Wales

    New South Wales modeled themselves after the American colonies and housed about 1,000 free citizens and around 2,000 convicts.
  • Small Pox Vaccine

    Dr. Jenner creates a vaccine for small pox, leading to a fall in death rate
  • Communications

    Communications between Latin America and the Caribbean increased somewhere around this time
  • Imperialism (West Africa)

    Imperialism was introduced and ended up colonizing Africa and taking over almost everything.
  • Irish move to British North America

    By 1815, around 22,000 Irish people moved to British North America, however this declines around 1845
  • Irish move to America

    About 6,000 people move from Ireland to America
  • France and Australia

    Australia is taken over by France
  • Modernized Egypt

    Reforms of social, political, and economic structure are issued in Egypt to become more modern
  • End of Slavery

    Slavery ends in West Africa, as well as Britain and Brazil
  • Emancipation of Slaves

    Cape Colony slaves are emancipated
  • British Parliment

    Parliment bans transportation of convicts to Australia
  • Letter from the Poor

    A few people of the poor in a village in Britain wrote a letter stating that they wanted to move away because of the starvation and poverty there, and that there could be no worse place to live than there.
  • Potatoe Famine

    Around 75% of the potatoe crops were destroyed because of a fungus growing on most of the crops. Being the main food in Ireland, this caused around one million people to die from starvation
  • Taiping Rebellion

  • Irish still move it US

    By this time almost a quarter of the Irish population had moved to the US
  • US convicts in Australia

    150,000 US convicts have been sent to work in Australia
  • Small pox Disappears

    With the help of the vaccince, small pox becomes almost non-existent
  • Irish become Canadian

    By this time, almost a quarter of the Irish population had become Canadian