immigration to australia

  • First Settlers

    First Settlers
    This is the the arrival of the First Fleet of British ships in Sydney. It was to establish the penal colony of New South Wales.
  • Period: to

    Immigration to Australia

  • Gold rush

    Gold rush
    Mainly in NSW and VIC
    Many British, Germans, Chinese mirated to Australia at this time,
    Many were discriminated and treated harshly.
  • Gederation in Australia

    All states in Australia became one large colony. At this time, the White Australia Policy was formed which only let white, english speaking people into Australia.
  • Great Depression

    Stopped accepting migrants from all over the world because Australian need the jobs, not foreigners.
  • Holocaust

    Australia accepted displaced Jews from the War in Europe. They need a certificate to enter the country.
  • acceptance of displaced Europeans

    After the war, many wear left homeless. Australia realised that it needed to populate the country, so it assisted people form overseas to migrate for 10 pounds.
  • Period: to


    More displaced Europeans mirgrate to Australia including Italians and Greeks. There is also a natural increase in the population.
  • Period: to

    1960 - 1970s

    felt an obligation to accept displaced people from Korean and Vietnam Wars
  • Pacific Solution

    Pacific Solution
    Border sercurity issues with boat people so the 'pacific solution' plan was put in place